Birx says Trump’s White House prioritized election over COVID-19 response – .

Birx says Trump’s White House prioritized election over COVID-19 response – .

Old President TrumpDonald Trump’s Youngkin ad features a mother who pushed for the exclusion of “Beloved” from her son’s curriculum. The White House rejects Trump’s latest claim for executive privilege. and other White House officials were ‘distracted’ by the 2020 election and prioritized the campaign over any COVID-19 mitigation strategy, the administration’s former coronavirus adviser Deborah BirxDeborah BirxHouse COVID-19 panel questions Deborah Birx Biden appoints Africa CDC chief to lead global AIDS response Fauci and Birx warned Scott Atlas was ‘dangerous’ MORE Told House investigators earlier this month.
In excerpts from closed-door testimony on Oct. 12 and 13 by the House selection subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis shared with The Hill, Birx said she felt the White House focus on the campaign was taking people time and distracting them from focusing on the pandemic.

“I felt like the White House had become somewhat complacent throughout the election campaign, and I wanted to make sure that as soon as everyone was back the day after the election, people would fully re-engage.” , Birx told the panel.

Birx said the administration’s resistance to promoting basic public health mitigation has resulted in more than 100,000 preventable deaths. She said former President Trump had not done all he could to try to stop the spread of the virus and save lives.

“I think if we had fully implemented the mask warrants, reducing indoor dining, making friends and family aware of the risk of congregating in private homes and we had increased the costs. tests, we probably could have reduced the number of deaths within 30 percent less to 40 percent less reach, ”Birx said.

More than 735,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, including more than 300,000 since President BidenJoe BidenOvernight Energy & Environment – Brought to you by American Clean Power – Methane charges face negotiations White House rejects Trump’s latest claim for executive privilege The No Surprises Act: a long overdue bill MORE to take place.

Administration officials were not present at the White House and no one was holding consistent meetings on COVID-19, Birx said. Instead, they roamed the country campaigning.

“They were actively campaigning and weren’t as present in the White House as they used to be,” Birx said.

In the summer of 2020, Birx left Washington and began meeting with state and local leaders to discuss wearing masks, physical distancing and other mitigation measures, she said, Trump didn’t want her speaking to the American public from the White House podium.

Birx told the House panel that the White House was out of step with her messages and that she was frustrated that her warnings continued to be ignored.

“Do I think we could have done more on the unified messages coming from the White House?” Do I think we could have done more on – very early on to show the effectiveness of the masks? Yes. And I think that would have lessened the confusion, ”Birx said.

Birx did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Birx was one of Trump’s top health advisers. Since leaving the administration, she has expressed regret for the way she handled her role as head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force and accused former administration officials of censoring his warnings about the severity of the pandemic.

Birx drew criticism last year for praising Trump’s understanding of the pandemic data as well as his failure to push back to the spring of last year when Trump made false claims about people injecting themselves with disinfectant as a way to treat the virus.

His interview comes amid the House panel’s investigation into political interference in the Trump administration’s pandemic response.

“President Trump’s priority for politics, disregard for science and refusal to follow the advice of public health experts have undermined the country’s ability to respond effectively to the coronavirus crisis,” said the president of the panel, Rep. James Clyburn (DS.C.) “The priority the White House has placed on election year politics over responding to the pandemic – even though cases rose last fall – is l one of the worst leadership failures in American history. “


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