Bill Maher defends Dave Chappelle over Netflix controversy – .

Bill Maher defends Dave Chappelle over Netflix controversy – .

The ‘Real Time’ host was jaw-dropping with Andrew Yang and NYT Opinion Writer John McWhorter, and on this one, all 3 were phased… all saying they supported the LGBTQ community but were steadfast on Dave’s right to comment.

Maher’s central point – there isn’t a single true opinion on anything, and he referred to the point of view of one who was outraged by Chappelle … someone who said that there were not two sides to this controversy.

Maher did not mention that Chappelle said he was open to a conversation with members of the trans community to listen to them. The reality is this… some people in the trans community are not only hurt by “The Closer” by Chappelle… they think it breeds hatred and even violence.

Yang stepped in with that… it’s a comedian’s job to entertain and make us think, but goes on to suggest that no one believes that a comedian’s role is to tell us what and how to think. Some members of the trans community, however, say whether a comedian tells people what to think or not… they still have an influence.

The centerpiece of the discussion is that people on both sides feel like there is only one side to an argument. McWhorter, who wrote the book “Woke Racism,” suggests that this type of thinking has become a religion of intolerance. He also says that believing in the notion of absolute right or wrong is a simplistic and childish thought.

Maher ended indignantly at a story from NPR that claimed Chappelle was using his “white privilege” to excuse his homophobia and transphobia.


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