Biden to welcome Manchin to Delaware at critical time – .

Biden to welcome Manchin to Delaware at critical time – .

The lightening of the legislation threatens to derail two long-held democratic priorities: paid holidays and the extension of health insurance for dental, vision and hearing. Neither Biden nor the progressives in the Senate have endorsed their removal, although it may become necessary to gain Manchin’s support and strike a swift deal.

In a town hall last week, Biden publicly discussed Manchin and Sinema’s opposition to Medicare expansion, as well as Sinema’s resistance to raising tax rates for corporations and high-income people. .

“Joe is not a bad guy. I mean, he’s a friend. And at the end of the day, he always comes to vote for it, ”Biden said.

In addition to sidestepping Manchin’s spending concerns and his opposition to a carbon tax and a clean energy performance agenda, Democrats are also working with Sinema on tax proposals to levy a minimum corporate tax and to target the assets of billionaires.

Given that they are still haggling over the price, revenues, and overall policies of the legislation, it’s nearly impossible to imagine Democrats passing it this month. But party leaders are hoping that if they come to a deal, it will offer enough specificity for progressives to encourage them to pass the $ 550 billion infrastructure bill before the Highway Trust Fund runs out in the city. the end of the month – and before the Virginia gubernatorial election a couple days later.


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