Biden says open to change to obstruction on voting rights and debt limit – .

Biden says open to change to obstruction on voting rights and debt limit – .

CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Biden at a CNN town hall, “As far as voting rights are concerned, just to be clear, you would consider removing filibuster on this one issue, is that correct?” ? “

“And maybe more,” Biden replied.

The comments mark a change from the President’s previous position on the matter.

But he also said that if he gets into the filibuster elimination debate right now, “I’m losing at least three votes right now to get what I have to do on the economic side.” of the equation, the foreign policy side of the equation. “

Democratic Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have both voiced their opposition to the filibuster modification. All Democrats should be okay with making such a change, as Democrats have the lower majority in the Senate.
In the meantime, Biden has said he will propose a return to so-called “obstruction of speech,” which requires senators to speak constantly on the court to delay votes.

But, Biden said, “We’re going to have to get to the point where we fundamentally change the filibuster. He said that “it remains to be seen exactly what this means in terms of fundamentally whether or not we are just ending the filibuster.”

Biden said earlier this month that it was a “real possibility” that Senate Democrats seek to change the filibuster rules in order to overcome Republican opposition and raise the ceiling of the debt. Democrats and Republicans have finally struck a deal to temporarily avert economic disaster after weeks of partisan stalemate on the issue.

“The idea that, for example, my Republican friends are saying we’re going to default on the national debt because they’re going to filibuster and we need 10 Republicans to back us up is the strangest thing that I’ve never heard of it, ”Biden said Thursday.

The president said, “I think you’re going to see – if that’s taken out again – you’ll see a lot of Democrats willing to say, ‘not me. I won’t do it again. We ‘will end the filibuster.’ But it’s always difficult to end filibuster beyond that. “

Biden said there were “certain things that are only sacred rights” and “a sacred obligation” that should not be subject to the obstruction of the minority party, listing the debt limit and voting rights .

His language on the issue on Thursday was stronger than in the past.

Speaking at a CNN town hall in July, Biden said: “There is no reason to protect [the filibuster] other than that you are going to plunge the whole Congress into chaos and nothing will be done. Nothing at all will be done. And there is a lot at stake. ”

He had been pressed by CNN’s Don Lemon on whether the filibuster should be removed in order to pass a broad voting rights bill that was stalled in the Senate due to Republican opposition. Biden had just called ongoing efforts in Republican state legislatures to pass restrictive voting legislation “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Republicans have blocked a number of voting bills. More recently, Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked the freedom to vote law.

The bill would make voter registration easier, make Election Day a public holiday, ensure states vote early in federal elections, and allow all voters to request postal ballots. The measure would also strengthen the security of voting systems, revise the way congressional constituencies are redesigned and impose new disclosures on donations to outside groups active in political campaigns.

Democrats argued the bill was a necessity after Republican state legislatures passed laws restricting access to the ballot box following false claims by former President Donald Trump that the 2020 election made him were stolen.

This story has been updated with additional information.

CNN’s Alex Rogers contributed to this report.


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