Bengals Week 6 rookie stock report – .

Bengals Week 6 rookie stock report – .

Most fans and analysts expected the Cincinnati Bengals to do business on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. They just didn’t know it would become a day for the sixth round picks.

Cincinnati’s rookie class has a proven track record, with several players selected from the three-day NFL Draft contributing positively. While some are used to making headlines, a few just needed the right opportunity to break through. That’s exactly what a late-round pick did in the team’s 34-11 win.

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The Bengals have drafted four running backs since taking on Joe Mixon in 2017. Only one of them has scored a touchdown in the NFL, and his name is Chris Evans.

It didn’t take long for Evans to step into the game and make an impact. As returning No 2, he replaced Joe Mixon after Mixon converted his first of the first five tries of the day. Two consecutive reps as a control release option came and went and Joe Burrow looked for an opportunity for Evans to get involved. Burrow pulled him out wide against linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin, who isn’t known for his covering abilities, chopped off the line and lobed one for Evans just below the end zone.

Burrow’s pass didn’t land straight into Evans’ bread basket, so the rookie had to put in a considerable effort to secure the ball. Like the natural born receiver that he is, Evans put him back together and landed in Honolulu Blue’s end zone.

The grip was nice, the line out that left Reeves-Maybin looking like burnt toast was even better. You don’t often see that kind of movement off the line by a running back, against a slow linebacker or not.

Evans added two more receptions and 25 extra yards to finish with three catches for 49 yards. He also got work as a runner (four rushes for 18 yards), but his job as a passing protector was where his value really came through. Evans pulled off his three pass blocking reps, including one that gave Burrow time to complete his longest pass of the day.

He even showed up in special teams. What more could a beginner ask for?

It’s fitting for all of this to happen 40 miles east of Ann Arbor, where Evans spent years getting lost in Michigan. His lack of playing time, production and an academic suspension from 2019 ended up depleting his draft supply, which saw the Bengals hang him at the end of the sixth round. He revealed to reporters after the game that he was working security for an event at Ford Field almost two years earlier while serving his suspension.

Go back to that state, to that stage, and do what he did, that’s what stimulating sports stories are made of.

Many, like me, thought this game would have happened last week when Joe Mixon was limited against the Green Bay Packers, but it was Samaje Perine coming out with COVID-19 that gave Evans the most shots (16) that he has seen all year round. Regardless of whether Perine returns next week, you must be thinking that Evans keeps a more involved role in the future.

Evan McPherson need to completely forget about this Packers game. Questions have been asked if he goes into some form of crunch after missing three of his last four kicks; two of which were potential winners.

Maybe Detroit’s indoor environment helped him get back on track, but McPherson was perfect in Week 6. He broke through his two field goal attempts, one in 38 and one in 40, and did perfectly on his last three extra point attempts after hitting. the post on its prime.

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Unsurprisingly, the Lions weren’t able to keep the cover off Ja’Marr Chaseis the descending speed. Add four more receptions and 97 yards to Chase’s incredible rookie season.

The game that seemed to change the game was the one we have grown too familiar with this year. With less than 30 seconds left in the second quarter, Burrow threw a perfect moonball that traveled exactly 40 air yards to continue the straight sideline. The 34-yard gain put the offense into McPherson’s range, and they never regretted going 10-0 at the half.

Burrow was under pressure on the play, and Chase was pretty well covered when he released the ball. It wasn’t just the pitch that made a game so perfect, it was his ever-growing confidence in Chase to stack the cornerback and find the ball that made everything go so perfectly.

I like what ESPN’s Bill Barnwell wrote about Chase and Burrow in his last post regarding the NFL’s Most Improved Teams:

Burrow also torched teams who attempted to send extra pressure. He has recorded a best QBR of 97.1 against the blitz so far, a season after placing 26th in the same category. Chase is not an offensive lineman, but adds the former Burrow LSU his teammate gave the quarterback someone he implicitly trusts on hot roads and 50/50 balls, allowing him to get the ball out before the blitz comes home. Chase leads the league in receiving yards (273) when Burrow was blitzed.

If only there were those who thought about the bold statement before Chase became a Bengal.

It wasn’t a great outing for Chase, however. As he landed two long receptions and kept pace with the team’s single-season receiving record, he let his first catchable pass slip through his fingers and into the hands of cornerback Amani Oruwariye. Burrow’s seventh interception of the year was on Chase, but the rookie obviously responded well.

In a very literal sense, the Bengals had to take the bad with the good when it came to Colline de Trey. The rookie marked his first career start at right guard on Sunday, a position he hadn’t held since his freshman year at Georgia in 2018. To call it a top-down performance is to put it lightly.

Following a few questionable reps in pass protection, Hill was flagged for detention and a false start on back-to-back plays at the end of the first quarter. Hill would finish the ride, but he was replaced by Jackson Carman the next time the offense has taken hold. Carman would have finished the game the way he played had he not succumbed to the disease he was facing.

Carman put in a decent game before throwing up after 23 snaps. He only blocked six assists, but he placed Pro Football Focus third best goalkeeper in that category. Hill also performed much better upon his return to the game, but nothing should change between these two rookies. Carman should be the starter as long as he’s healthy. It was nice to see Hill seeing the pitch, but he’s not quite ready to start.

Although he was not drafted by the team, Nick McCloud is indeed a rookie playing for the Bengals. He made his debut on Sunday when the Bengals pulled off their starting defense late in the fourth quarter. He ended up with 14 snaps, which might be all he sees until Trae Waynes returns. Tre Flowers was not active for this game, but given his experience, he will likely see the pitch above McCloud in the future.

Cam example also benefited from the entry of the game in the garbage time towards the end. He finished with 35 shots, a season high.

Did not play

  • Tyler Shelvin (inactive)
  • D’Ante Smith (inactive)
  • Darius Hodge (inactive)


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