Bengals look like contenders, Chiefs crumble – The Athletic – .

Bengals look like contenders, Chiefs crumble – The Athletic – .

The opening matches of Week 7 featured several one-sided results, including a shocking performance from Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the two defending AFC champions. Athletic’s Stephen Holder, Jeff Howe, Lindsay Jones and Dan Pompei share their Week 7 observations with us. Does Tennessee’s 27-3 win over Kansas City say more about the Titans or the Chiefs?

Holder: Probably says more about the Chiefs, but for me this game hasn’t brought much new information. Rather, it was a continuation of what they’ve been showing all season. Kansas City came in with 14 turnovers, a league-high, then added three more today. Their defense had proven to be not only bad, but miserable. Then it reinforced that against Tennessee. So the question isn’t whether that’s who the bosses are – that’s indisputable. The question is whether they can turn the tide at some point. Considering the performance of the guy most likely to lead this effort, Patrick Mahomes, this is starting to look questionable.

Howe: Oh, it’s the bosses. Their defense is legitimately bad, and it’s no secret. Their four losses are against AFC contenders – the Ravens, Chargers, Bills and Titans – and they gave up an average of 32.


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