Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair swap their WWE female titles – .

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair swap their WWE female titles – .

To officially kick off the new era of WWE SmackDown, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair were set to trade their respective WWE Women’s Championships on Friday night.

Lynch, the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, and Flair, the WWE RAW Women’s Champion, were drafted from opposing brands, so the company arranged a title swap to keep the titles awarded to their own shows. But in brief promotions throughout the night at SmackDown, Lynch and Flair both hinted that they might not postpone their championships so easily. Lynch teased that “Becky Two Belts” could return, while Flair told her counterpart that she should just hand over the title.

At the end of the show, WWE official Sonya Deville was hopeful the exchange would go off without a hitch. She asked the champions to hand over their titles. “Big Time Becks” and “The Queen” clearly did not approve, and they were reluctant to follow the request. In the end, the champions have effectively exchanged the belts.

Flair challenged Lynch to a win-win match. Before Lynch could respond, Sasha Banks interrupted proceedings and said Flair was “in the head” for thinking she would run the show. Glad to leave with her title, Lynch told her rivals they could sort out their issues, and one of them could meet her in the WWE Survivor Series.

Banks then reminded Flair that Friday was ‘Boss Time’, but ‘The Queen’ wondered if anyone remembered her reign as champion. Flair and Banks then brawled to end the show.

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