Bayern and France star Hernandez avoids jail time for violating restraining order – .

Bayern and France star Hernandez escapes jail time for violating restraining order – .

Bayern Munich and France defender Lucas Hernandez has avoided jail time for violating a restraining order.

Hernandez and his legal team appealed the charge, for which the prosecutor had requested a year in prison.

The 26-year-old appeared in court in Madrid earlier this month, but his appeal has now been upheld.

What happened?

In 2017, then-Atletico Madrid player Hernandez was indicted after he and his girlfriend were involved in an altercation that brought her to hospital with minor injuries.

At the time, a court imposed a six-month injunction, but the couple traveled to the United States four months later for their honeymoon. Upon their return to Madrid, Hernandez was arrested for violating the restraining order and in 2019 he was sentenced to six months in prison.

The court initially rejected Hernandez’s appeal against that sentence and ordered him to return to Madrid due to his status as a repeat offender.

However, Hernandez’s current appeal has been accepted, meaning he will avoid jail time.

What’s the final verdict?

Madrid’s provincial court ruled on Wednesday that Hernandez’s prison sentence had been suspended for four years, with a court statement saying: “We are of the opinion that the appeal should be allowed and the detention order should be. canceled.

“With regard to his family and social situation, it was emphasized in the appeal that the convict lives with Ms. de la Osa and their son, without any new incident between them being recorded. “

The France international will, however, have his suspension revoked if he commits a new offense within the next four years, in which case the initial sentence will be imposed.

Hernandez was also fined € 96,000.

What did Bayern say?

When contacted by But before the verdic, Bayern Munich declined to comment on Hernandez’s situation.

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