Baron Corbin wants WWE to make more sense of what wrestlers do – .

Baron Corbin wants WWE to make more sense of what wrestlers do – .

Happy Baron Corbin says he would love to see WWE make more sense of his creativity so fans buy into it more.
Corbin recently spoke to BT Sport and was asked if he would rather retire without any WWE titles under his belt, but without anyone being kicked out of his end-of-day finisher, or if he would rather win a WWE title and have someone kick it out. the finisher.

“Dude, it’s tough, and because it’s … it’s an ultimate goal, it’s to win the big one.” I had a lot of achievements which is crazy because of my list of achievements and never having held the world title or the universal title, ”he said. “Dude, I… it’s really… it’s hard because I’m looking at him and I’m like, ‘OK, that would be cool to have in my trophy room that I’m sitting in right now. Aside from the weird paintings on the wall, since I have my United States Championship on the wall, I have a Money In the Bank briefcase hanging from the ceiling, literally hanging from the ceiling in my trophy room. And so, that would be cool to have that on the wall, and my kids can see it, but it talks about how many championships people like… I don’t know how many times Stone Cold has been world champion or The Rock. . You remember their times and their careers.

“And I think having, let’s say I have a 12-year career and nobody’s ever been kicked out of End of Days, that’s something we’d talk about longer than the championships, I think. And I’m all about leaving that legacy, like I said. I want someone to say, “Oh man, Baron Corbin, he’s been 12 years old, has never been a good guy, but nobody has ever kicked him out of his finish. They’re not going to say, ‘He was a three-time champion or whatever.’ They’re going to say, ‘I can’t believe he’s never been a champion.’ It wouldn’t be a big blow, so I think I should go for it without anyone ever pulling out of End of Days. “

It has been noted how proud the WWE Hall of Fame Dudley Boys, despite all their title wins, are that very few people have kicked out their 3D Finisher. Corbin responded and explained how he approaches the job and what he would like to see in terms of change.

“Yeah, that’s great. For me, it lives on forever, in a way, ”Corbin replied. “In our industry a lot of things are thrown away these days and just, they’re made to be done or to get a moment like, just a quick cheer, like, let’s do this huge thing and move on to the next one, and I think it damages our credibility a bit in what we do because I also see it as a real situation. If I hit someone in the face, it will hurt them. I’m a trained fighter, so I watch everything I do in the ring the same way. If I do this to you, it’s going to hurt you, so I don’t have to do it 10 times, I have to do it once… and it has to be represented as a consequence of what I’m capable of.

“And I do it for other people too, like you’re doing this to me and it’s… if you hit me with a chair, have you ever been hit with a chair?” It’s not fun, it really hurts. After 1 I understand the point you’re trying to get to, I don’t need 12 of them, you know? I want to do… I wish we would make everything we do more important and I think people would buy into it more. And there are different styles, and each their own, it’s just my thought process.

Corbin recently got into a fight with Kevin Owens on WWE SmackDown. He recently brought back Riddick Moss as a partner in the storylines.

Stay tuned for more. Below is the clip of Corbin speaking to BT Sport:


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