Baltimore Police Union Tells Officers Not to Disclose Coronavirus Vaccine Status – .

Baltimore Police Union Tells Officers Not to Disclose Coronavirus Vaccine Status – .

The Baltimore Police Union on Friday asked its officers not to reveal their coronavirus vaccine status due to the city’s lack of communication.
“It’s understandable that our members are wondering about a policy with so little information provided by the city. Until the city responds to our right to negotiate these matters, or the courts step in, I suggest you do nothing about disclosing your immunization status as described in the city ​​policy ”, Sgt. Mike Mancuso, president of Lodge 3 of the Fraternal Order of the Police (FOP), said in the letter to members.

Mancuso said his group had been trying to talk to the city for weeks about its “various and very obvious issues with their vague politics.”

“FOP3 believes that there are multiple collective bargaining issues surrounding the city’s vaccination policy. We have tried several times to sit down and discuss these issues to no avail, ”he said.

A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, two days after the policy is put in place. The union filed a complaint of unfair labor practice to the Office of the Labor Commissioner and take legal action to delay the implementation of the mandate.

Although he said he was not following the city’s mandate, Mancuso said the union would ultimately support any decision a member makes about whether to provide their vaccination status to the city.

“Labor Commissioner Deborah Moore-Carter led a productive meeting this afternoon with the Fraternal City of Baltimore Police Order and their attorney, Commissioner Michael Harrison, and representatives from the Legal and Human Resources Department of the city to discuss concerns about the vaccination mandate, ”Calvin Harris, spokesman for Mayor Brandon Scott, told a statement to The Hill.

“We will remain in close contact with the FOP until a solution is found, and we hope it will be,” added Harris.

It is not known if the meeting took place before the letter was sent or if the meeting was scheduled before the letter was sent.

Police spokeswoman Lindsey Eldridge told the Baltimore Sun that 64% of the department’s 3,000 employees are vaccinated with a mandate to vaccinate city employees starting Monday.

There was a nationwide battle between city vaccination warrants and the police, with Chicago suing its police union for refusal to comply with the warrant.

La Colline has contacted Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 for comment.


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