Azek Company is a great stock here – .

Keystone shutdown makes these stocks buy – –

MyMD Pharmaceuticals: “It’s very, very speculative… which means to me you have to be really brave to buy it, and so it’s not my cup of tea right now. ”
Cortexyme: “Here’s the problem: It’s getting crowded with really, really big guns, and I don’t want to be in this business as well. I think it could be appalling. ”

Hydrofarm Holdings Group: “I want you to stay the course. Now the stock is down around $ 12. I am a strong supporter of hydroponic products. ScottsMiracle-Gro was also affected. The cannabis stocks have been terrible, but it’s more than cannabis, so I’m okay with that. ”

Azek Company: “This is one of them, people have decided that the houses are not going to be built, that the prices are going to go up. … You want their product, it’s really valuable. I just bought it the other day for a beach house that I made three decks, and I’m sick of it. You buy one [Azek], pay a little extra money, and it lasts, so I believe in Azek a lot. I think it’s a great stock here at $ 37. ”

SoFi Technologies: “SoFi was injured because of the abandonment of the student loan. He will be back. It is managed by [CEO] Antoine Noto. I have enormous faith in her. I think you should buy SoFi. ”


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