At what times can builders make noise in our property in France? – .

At what times can builders make noise in our property in France? – .

Question from Reader: We have builders on our property who paint the house. Our neighbor complained, insisting that they don’t start until 10:00 am, which was too late for the builders. Does he have the right to do that?
We are surprised that your neighbor complains about the paint, which is usually not of a noisy nature, however, there are several laws covering excessive noise pollution related to construction work.

The rules relating to nuisances related to professional work differ depending on whether or not they are the subject of a prior declaration to the town hall. Unless your home is in a protected area due to historical interest, for example, repainting work is unlikely to be the case.

In this case, a general rule applies from article R1337-7 of Public health code, which specifies that the works must not cause noise likely to harm the tranquility of the neighborhood and the health of people, whether because of their duration, their repetitiveness and their noise level.

Town halls also often have their own local regulations on times when noisy works must stop, but this is most often set between 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Your neighbor is unlikely to have reasonable legal grounds to insist that the paint work not start until 10:00 a.m., as this is likely to be later than necessary and it is unlikely that he generates excessive noise levels.

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