Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk Rematch Could Lead to Mandatory WBA Title Defense Against Robert Helenius

Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk Rematch Could Lead to Mandatory WBA Title Defense Against Robert Helenius

Robert Helenius could become the first opponent of rematch winner Oleksandr Usyk against Anthony Joshua, with the WBA ready to decide on his mandatory challenger.

Joshua has activated a clause for an immediate rematch with Usyk, which will take place next spring after the Ukrainian star won the WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight belts with a points victory last month.

But the victorious champion must then fill in the mandatory defenses of his titles, with Helenius potentially the next to challenge after defeating Adam Kownacki in a WBA final eliminator.

Usyk holds WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles

“Right now we’re focusing on the mandatory WBA position,” Helenius manager Markus Sundman told Sky Sports.

“Robert fought a WBA elimination bout in March 2020 against Adam Kownacki, and he scored that victory in the rematch on October 9.

“Usyk should really be Robert’s next fight.

Robert Helenius defeated Adam Kownacki who was ultimately disqualified in Las Vegas

“There is no longer a deserving challenger in the WBA. Charr, Bryan, Dubois, are they more deserving? I do not think so.

“Sometimes you have to dig your heels into the ground and fight for something important, and I can’t think of anything in the sport more important than the heavyweight championship.

“We will do whatever is necessary to secure Robert’s rightful position as Usyk’s next mandatory WBA. “

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How could AJ approach a rematch with Usyk?

Joshua beat IBF challenger Kubrat Pulev last December, when he was beaten by Usyk, his WBO challenger, meaning the WBA is the next governing body to impose a world title defense.

“Ultimately, of course, we have respect for [president] Gilberto [Mendoza] and the WBA, and we think in the end, they’ll do the right thing and officially order Robert to become the next proxy, ”Sundman said.

“The next compulsory WBA is due, and it must be Robert. “

The Finnish contender is also guided by influential advisor Mike Borao, who led Charles Martin and Frank Sanchez to shooting distance for the world heavyweight title.

Robert Helene
Helenius hopes to be confirmed as the next challenger to winner Usyk vs Joshua 2

Helenius’s team believe he can become the modern-day “Cinderella man”, emulating the exploits of James J Braddock, who shocked Max Baer to become heavyweight champion in 1935.

“I’m happy with my performance against Adam, but I know I can do even better,” Helenius told Sky Sports.

“It’s the best I’ve felt since 2011. I think I showed in my last fight that when I’m healthy I can beat anyone and I’m one of the best heavyweights in the world. .

“I’m leaving those decisions to my team, but I won a WBA eliminator against Kownacki, so this should probably be next.

Robert Helene
Finnish contestant gave Kownacki a punitive beating on Fury vs Wilder 3 bill

“It was my dream to win a world title. At this point, I’m so motivated that I don’t think anyone can beat me.

“Usyk or Fury, bring them both.” “

Helenius has twice beaten Kownacki on high-profile bills in America to bolster his reputation, but he’s set to return to Europe for a world title.

“Usyk and Fury present different challenges and I would probably, and gladly, be faced with one or the other in their home country,” said Helenius.

“But as I have shown in my last two fights, traveling is not a problem for me. Honestly, Europe is probably more convenient than the United States for me.

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Fury is the king of the heavyweight division?

“It would be so huge here in Finland. I’m glad I returned to a position where a lot of people thought I would never be.

“One thing I can tell you, I am going to become the heavyweight world champion for my family, my country and for myself. ”


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