An SUV of mom from Ohio, 2 children missing since 2002 found in a river – .

An SUV of mom from Ohio, 2 children missing since 2002 found in a river – .

Search teams have removed an SUV from the Ohio River in Indiana that belonged to an Ohio mother who has been missing since 2002 with her two young children, authorities said on Friday.

The side-scan sonar technology drove divers to the 1997 Nissan Pathfinder near Aurora in southeast Indiana on Thursday, Indiana State Police said in a press release on Friday. The vehicle was registered in the name of Stephanie Van Nguyen, who disappeared in 2002 with her 4-year-old daughter, Kristina, and her 3-year-old son, John.

Van Nguyen, then 26, left a note saying she was going to drive in the Ohio River, but her vehicle was not located at the time, police said.

In Delhi Township, Ohio, Police Lt. Joe Macaluso told reporters on Thursday it was too early to tell if any bodies were in the SUV.

Researchers found the vehicle more than 15 meters below the surface of the river and about 90 meters from the shore.

The search was part of an investigation into the family’s disappearance that Delhi County police reopened about six months ago.

Macaluso said sonar scans of the river last week found three vehicles submerged.

“This is a business that we have been actively pursuing for many years. We made a cold deal on it because of the anniversary. I’m happy for the family that we can hopefully conclude, ”Macaluso said.


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