Amy Trask reported Bruce Allen ‘repeatedly’ to Al Davis – .

Amy Trask reported Bruce Allen ‘repeatedly’ to Al Davis – .

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The NFL’s decision to withhold the outcome of the Washington football team’s investigation has benefited many whose behavior is worth exposing. This may only have benefited former WFT chairman Bruce Allen.

When the league first made it clear that nothing would be disclosed, owner Daniel Snyder took the brunt of criticism and speculation about things that would have been known had the league enforced full transparency. Allen, the real daily presence in the building, has been largely ignored.

Then when Jon Gruden’s emails popped up 10 days ago, Gruden received 99% (maybe more) of the attention and criticism. Allen was again largely ignored.

Jeff Pash’s emails earned him a lot of criticism and, once again, little Allen attention.

Maybe that’s because he quit any NFL team. Maybe that’s because he has little to no chance of being hired again by an NFL team. Either way, he didn’t get the kind of review he should.

On Sunday, Allen finally found himself in the middle of the target. Former Raiders president Amy Trask, whose long tenure with the team straddled Allen for eight years in Oakland (1995 to 2003), made it clear that she was complaining about Allen’s behavior. More than one time.

His remarks to That other pre-game show on CBS Sports began with a focus on Gruden, with comments that contained no direct evidence of misconduct, but implied a lot about Gruden’s attitude towards the first female CEO in league history. .

“I didn’t interact with Jon a lot, but it was by Jon’s choice,” Trask said. “Jon made it clear to the whole organization that he didn’t want to interact with me. If I had heard him say something of that nature, I would have spoken. Because silence is complicity.

To prove that she would have talked about Gruden, Trask explained that she had talked about Allen.

“I’ve heard comments of this nature from the person Jon sent these emails to,” Trask said, referring to Allen. “And I took the floor. I have spoken several times, I have spoken forcefully. I told the owner about it. Because to be silent would have been an accomplice.

It is not known when she complained, what she said and if any complaints were lodged with the league office. It’s also not clear whether the complaints resulted in Allen’s investigations, findings, and / or discipline. He stayed with the Raiders for two years after Gruden left for the Buccaneers. In 2004, Allen joined Gruden in Tampa Bay, serving as general manager until he and Gruden were laid off after the 2008 season.

Allen landed in Washington in 2010 as managing director, failing to become CEO. He spent a decade there, apparently doing a lot of damage to the franchise along the way, both football and non-football in nature.

Luckily for Washington, the other 31 teams, and the league, he’s gone and probably won’t be back. Luckily for Allen, he hasn’t been publicly criticized the way he should be.

Maybe he will be again.


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