American singer Jay Black dies at 82 – .

American singer Jay Black dies at 82 – .

This voice supported him solo long after Jay and the Americans parted ways in 1973. But in 2017, in one of his last performances, Mr. Black apologized to fans at the Mohegan Sun Arena. in Uncasville, Connecticut, for struggling. to reach his former vocal heights.

“I don’t hit any notes,” he said, explaining that he hadn’t performed for over a year. ” I can not sing. “

David Blatt was born November 2, 1938 in Astoria, Queens, and grew up in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. His parents, Herman and Francis (Smith) Blatt, raised him in the Orthodox Jewish tradition. David first sang in public in the choir of Temple Beth-El.

But he said he was kicked out of New Utrecht High School and three yeshivas.

“I was a bad boy,” he told The Forward in 2014. “I was a good guy. When I graduated from eighth grade, I was the comedian of the class. I have always been a troublemaker.

Mr. Black began his singing career with two doo-wop groups, the Two Chaps and the Empires. Marty Kupersmith, who plays the role of Marty Sanders, had been in both groups with him before becoming one of the Americans; when Mr. Traynor left, he invited Mr. Black to replace him. Mr. Black was selling shoes at Thom McAn at the time.

Although he agreed to change his name to Jay, Mr. Blatt did not become Jay Black until he appeared on Mike Douglas’ talk show. He said that when Mr. Douglas asked him for his last name, he misunderstood “Blatt” as “Black”, and that from that point on he was Jay Black.


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