AMC Expands Open Captioning To Movies In Its U.S. Theaters – .

AMC Expands Open Captioning To Movies In Its U.S. Theaters – .

AMC has expanded open captioning on select film screenings to 240 theaters in the United States, including selected times for all of its new releases. The expansion of support at its theaters across the United States – which has been expanded to more than 100 markets – is AMC’s biggest push in closed-captioned screenings to date.

A spokesperson said The edge before the summer and fall of 2021, only a handful of American theaters in AMC supported open captioning (which is visible to everyone in the auditorium and separate from the sub-assisted cinema initiative. – encrypted title from AMC, which is available in all of its theaters nationwide).

Again, not all AMC screenings will include open captioning, but AMC has stated that theaters that offer open captioning screenings will do so for any new release. (Markets with two or more AMC theaters or more will support open caption screenings, depending on the company.) Screening times will be a mix of morning, evening, weekend and weekday screenings, and the company said it would adjust according to demand for the format and customer feedback.

“The initial consumer response has been very positive and we anticipate strong demand with increasing awareness of captioning schedules at AMC,” said Elizabeth Frank, Executive Vice President, Global Programming and Head of Content at AMC, in a statement.

Frank added that increased support for open captioning will help its theaters “become a more welcoming place for millions of Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as many for whom English is not their first language.” . At the same time, the change comes at a pivotal time for cinemas – and in particular for AMC, which has expressed interest in innovating its cinematic experience.

Those wishing to find AMC show times with open captioning at their nearest theater can do so here or clearly marked on AMC’s website and mobile app.


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