Amarjeet Sohi elected Mayor – Edmonton – .

Amarjeet Sohi elected Mayor – Edmonton – .

Amarjeet Sohi is expected to be Edmonton’s next mayor. He made history by becoming the first person of color to be elected mayor of Edmonton.

“I hope that with my victory and that of the community, we can inspire others to run for office and also make structural changes. “

Sohi said every public institution should reflect the community it serves and that changes need to be made so that minorities, women and people of different backgrounds are not prevented from coming forward and serving.

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Sohi is a familiar face, having previously served Edmonton at the municipal and federal level.

Sohi represented southeast Edmonton on city council for eight years after being elected in 2007.

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In 2015, he entered federal politics as the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Mill Woods. Sohi was Minister of Infrastructure and Communities from 2015 to 2018 and Minister of Natural Resources from 2018 to 2019. He served one term before losing his seat in the 2019 federal election.

With 94 percent of the polls reported, Sohi had won 45 percent of the vote. The candidate with the second most votes was Mike Nickel, with 25 percent, followed by Kim Krushell, with 17 percent.

Amarjeet Sohi speaks as Edmonton’s new mayor-elect

Amarjeet Sohi speaks as Edmonton’s new mayor-elect

Sohi immigrated to Edmonton from India with his family in 1981. He attended Bonnie Doon High School and then worked as a bus driver in the city.

“I came to this city when I was young. I had nothing, and yet I had everything, ”he said, referring to the support of his family.

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“I had ambitions and dreams of building a new life in a new home, dreams that sometimes seemed impossible.

“Today, thanks to you, thanks to everyone in this room, we made the impossible possible. “

In his acceptance speech Monday night, Sohi addressed Edmontonians.

“Thank you for electing me mayor. “

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He also spoke to Edmontonians who may not have voted for him.

“I might not have been your first choice, but that’s okay. We are all Edmontonians. I want to assure you that I will be there for all of us.

Edmonton mayoral candidate Mike Nickel addresses his supporters

Edmonton mayoral candidate Mike Nickel addresses his supporters

Sohi added that as cities recover from the impacts of COVID-19, “we need to be there for each other.”

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“We want the provincial government to be there for us too. “

Sohi emphasized the importance of provincial support and partnership when it comes to issues such as responding to the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, tackling homelessness and tackling the opioid crisis. .

“We need our provincial government to be our partner.

He said he understands the past few years have been difficult for many Edmontonians, facing economic challenges, social issues and discrimination.

“I see you and I hear you… I am honored by the privilege of leading you to a better future with better days to come. “

The mayor-elect has promised to “build an Edmonton for all of us”.

“Every day I will show up and work hard for you,” Sohi said.

“As a bus driver, city councilor and federal minister, I have helped move so many people to this city. But tonight, it is I who am moved by this city.

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Amarjeet Sohi to be Edmonton’s next mayor: Global News screening

Amarjeet Sohi to be Edmonton’s next mayor: Global News screening

On Monday afternoon, before the polls closed, he said he hoped Edmontonians would embrace his vision of an “Edmonton for everyone”.

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“Where we can grow our businesses, have well-paying middle-class jobs, where we can protect our environment and leave a better legacy for future generations; where there is no racism and discrimination in our city, where we continue to provide quality public services at affordable and low property taxes.

“If I am given the honor of leading our city, I will, as I have done in the past, work hard to implement this vision.

Sohi admitted that polarization has been a huge problem recently.

“We have seen racism and discrimination. Yes, we have seen division encouraged and anger encouraged. That is why it is important that Edmontonians elect someone who can bring them together. Someone who has the skills, abilities, experience and collaborative skills to bring us together.

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Don Iveson talks about his time as mayor of Edmonton

Don Iveson talks about his tenure as Mayor of Edmonton – October 6, 2021

This is the first time in eight years that Edmonton has had a new mayor.

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Don Iveson announced last November that he would not be running for a third term.

Outgoing Mayor Don Iveson released a statement Monday evening congratulating Sohi on his election as 36th mayor of Edmonton.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mayor-elect Sohi during his tenure as City Councilor and have always appreciated and been inspired by how hard he has worked for our community.

“I have no doubt that Edmonton will thrive under his leadership,” said Iveson.

Iveson will transfer the role to Sohi in a ceremony at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

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Edmonton mayoral candidate Kim Krushell concedes race

Edmonton mayoral candidate Kim Krushell concedes race

In his speech, Nickel said the municipal elections were about “a vote for the status quo or a vote for change.”

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“You are in difficult times ahead,” he said.

“We fought the good fight. To all volunteers and donors, let’s be clear: this is not a waste. You have spoken to thousands and thousands of Edmontonians who wanted real change in this city.

Still, Nickel said Edmonton really is a big city.

“The pleasure of serving this great city was mine, truly mine. “

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Krushell congratulated Sohi on his victory and offered to help him in any way he could.


“I wish you every success in meeting the major challenges facing our city and seizing the opportunities that are available to us. “

She said her opponents had been running strong campaigns.

“I applaud all of their efforts and thank each campaign for helping to start an important discussion about the future of Edmonton.

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Conversation with Edmonton’s Mayoral Candidates: Amarjeet Sohi

Conversation with Edmonton’s Mayoral Candidates: Amarjeet Sohi – September 30, 2021

Sohi’s municipal election campaign focused on rebuilding and diversifying the economy, as well as tackling social issues and climate change.

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Sohi believes that the economy, social issues, climate change and equity are interconnected.

“A healthy economy starts with healthy and resilient people. If we want stronger communities with thriving businesses, we must tackle issues of homelessness, addiction and mental health. And we can’t leave anyone behind as we tackle climate change. “

In terms of handling the COVID-19 pandemic, Sohi said the provincial government has failed, especially during Wave Four.

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As mayor, Sohi said his goal would be to limit transmission, boost vaccinations and keep Edmonton safe.

His plans include:

  • Targeted vaccination clinics run by cultural, faith-based and community groups, especially in areas with low vaccination rates.
  • Hosting mobile vaccination clinics in city buildings and places like libraries.
  • Create an advisory committee to help inform decisions on public health and pandemic measures.
  • Carry out door-to-door awareness activities in communities with lower vaccination rates.

Sohi said he supports Edmonton’s decision to implement a staff vaccination mandate and require proof of vaccination at city recreation centers.

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He also said he would implement a vaccine passport regulation similar to what Calgary did in Edmonton if elected.

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Mayor Nenshi on Calgary Vaccination Passport By-law – September 24, 2021
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