Alex Cora to appreciate Bill Belichick’s reaction to Red Sox win – .

Alex Cora to appreciate Bill Belichick’s reaction to Red Sox win – .

Sunday was quite the day in Boston sports.
After the New England Patriots made up for a 13-point deficit to defeat the Texans in Houston, the Boston Red Sox had some magical extra innings at Fenway Park, beating the Tampa Bay Rays in the game. 3 in the American League Division Series on a Home run by Christian Vazquez in the 13th inning.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora received a few supportive texts from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick last week ahead of the ALDS, and Belichick is still following Cora’s club closely, it seems. he.

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“Big win last night,” Belichick said on a video conference Monday morning when asked about his relationship with Cora. “I saw the highlights during the walkout; it must have been a hell of a game. “

The Belichick Patriots were on a plane back to Houston for most of the Red Sox-Rays game, but the head coach clearly respects Cora and is working to keep up with Boston’s playoffs in October.

“I’ve known Alex for a long time,” Belichick added. “Have a lot of respect for him, certainly everything he’s done here for the Red Sox and the championship they won (in 2018). Looks like they’ve made another great team here, and it’s fun to watch them play. “

Belichick saw Terry Francona (2004 and 2007), John Farrell (2013) and Cora (2018) guide the Red Sox to four World Series titles during his tenure in New England, two of the Patriots’ six NFL Championships in the during this period.

The Red Sox have a chance to come close to another title in ALDS Game 4 on Monday at Fenway – in which case Cora could receive another text from the legendary Patriots coach.


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