Alec Baldwin Fatal Shooting Film Could See More Search Warrants, Investigation Continues – Deadline – .

Alec Baldwin Fatal Shooting Film Could See More Search Warrants, Investigation Continues – Deadline – .

With Wednesday’s highly anticipated law enforcement press conference to provide more information on Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ fatal shoot by Alec Baldwin on the New Mexico set Rouiller Police say last week today that the investigation into this tragedy is far from over.

“Both search warrants have been executed,” Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office spokesman Juan Rios told Deadline today of the two documents issued by a New Mexico judge on Oct. 22 to allow police to investigate the location of the Bonanza Creek ranch where the shooting of DP and director Joel Souza occurred on October 21. “More search warrants could arrive, but nothing has been filed yet.

“It’s going to last a while,” Rios added of the investigation.

Focusing now on ballistics, the details of the police investigation are to learn what went wrong and who is responsible for the murder of Hutchins and the wounding of Souza by a gun containing “live ammunition.” According to an affidavit filed by Detective Joel Cole. at the end of last week. On Monday, the sheriff’s office filed an inventory list with the district court. This list includes three used firearms, ammunition and cartridge cases that were discovered at the site of the old-fashioned church on flat surfaces; secure boxes; and a “fanny pack,” sources with knowledge of the inventory depot confirmed.

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Monday’s court documents did not say what type of ammunition was found.

Although his office offered no further clarification on Tuesday on the prosecutor’s remarks, Carmack-Altwies will attend the early morning press conference with Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza.

In addition to seeking to learn more about the gun that shot and killed Hutchins, police were looking for video footage or audio files from the afternoon rehearsal of October 21.

After being told that first assistant director David Halls handed him the gun and told him it was a “cold gun,” Baldwin allegedly “practiced a quick shoot” when the pistol “unloaded.” Indicating that the three “propeller pistols” were prepared by the gunsmith on the plateau Hannah Gutierrez, the first AD “did not know that real bullets were in the propeller barrel,” according to the October 22 affidavit filed by Detective Joel Cano to request the first two search warrants.

Baldwin, Souza, Halls – who has already been fired from at least one movie for an exploding weapon – Gutierrez, screenwriter Mamie Mitchell and several other members of the Rouiller production were interviewed by the sheriff’s office on October 21. They were all released that day without any travel or other restrictions. There have been follow-up interviews, but no arrests or charges yet. Mitchell has now retained the services of lawyer Gloria Allred. The senior lawyer said on Tuesday “we are conducting our own investigation into what happened because there are a lot of unanswered questions.”

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All of this suggests that more legal actions are to come in this case. The next question becomes: what form will this action take? Will it be criminal charges as DA Carmack-Altwies told the NYT or a civil case?

“At this point, without further evidence, the liability can be individual and joint, ranging from the gun maker to Baldwin and include everyone in between who handled the gun and had remote liability. as for security, ”lawyer Sara Azari said of future charges and cases in this case.

“In terms of names, we can expect a lot of that because at the start of a trial, without an investigation or discovery, we often don’t know exactly what went wrong and who did it wrong,” he said. Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney. added. “

“The right strategy is to name anyone who could be held accountable at a distance or potentially, including a reference to a myriad of DOE defendants,” Azari continued. Rust Production, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, Alec Baldwin, and DOES 1-100. As discovery progresses and more defendants are identified, the complaint may be amended to include their names and identities.

We may know how this wind blows in the Land of Enchantments on Wednesday morning.


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