Albertans cannot yet use Canada’s vaccination passport system for international travel – .

Alberta is excluded from Ottawa’s approved vaccine passport system for international travel – .


Alberta’s current proof of vaccination system does not yet meet the national standards announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday, but is expected to do so before the holiday season.

Canada’s certificate will be a federal document issued by the provinces and territories, which hold residents’ health data.

According to Ottawa, the system will ensure that proof of vaccination issued by each jurisdiction has a “common” appearance and is easily recognized and validated during international travel.

It is expected that by November, vaccine passports for all provinces and territories will meet national standards so that Canadians can travel smoothly during the holiday season.

“All provinces and territories have agreed to a national standard that will be accepted proof of vaccination for destinations around the world,” Trudeau said Thursday.

“It is true that not all provinces have respected this yet, but I know they are all working very quickly and should have solved this problem in the coming weeks, certainly in time for people to start traveling again as we are eliminating some of those problems. travel restrictions. “

Although Alberta has its own system, it does not yet meet federal standards.

Steve Buick, spokesperson for Alberta’s health minister, told CTV News Edmonton the province is working closely with Ottawa on a new QR code for international travel.

“The provinces will keep the records of their respective residents. Albertans’ data will not be shared with the federal government or with other provincial governments, ”said Buick.

He promised Albertans could access an internationally recognized QR code by the end of next month, and said they could continue to use their existing proof of vaccination.

The systems put in place by Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are all already compatible.

The standards that Canada follows use the SMART health card format recognized by the International Organization for Standardization and tech companies like Apple and Android.

Passports will have verification measures to prevent forgery and can be used with the ArriveCan app when Canadians return from abroad.

The federal government has said it is working with border security services and the countries most visited by Canadians to ensure that officials there easily recognize, read and validate Canada’s passport.

With files from Rachel Aiello of CTV


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