Alberta woman warns of brazen catalytic converter theft as complaints soar – Calgary – .

Alberta woman warns of brazen catalytic converter theft as complaints soar – Calgary – .

A trip to a popular mall ended up costing a Sylvan Lake woman a lot more than she expected – an expensive vehicle repair bill.

While Toni King was shopping at CrossIron Mills Mall in Balzac earlier this month, cheeky thieves took advantage of his vehicle’s catalytic converter.

“We got there around 1:30 or 2:00 pm,” King told Global News, “we went into the mall, did our shopping, came back and started my car and it was super loud. We both immediately cut the vehicle off and got out and looked.

“I looked under the vehicle and my catalytic converter was cut off!

“They actually caused damage to my transmission and a few other parts. “

Damage left after shutting off a vehicle’s catalytic converter.

King said she was shocked, especially given the time of day and the fact that she had parked in a busy area of ​​the mall.

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“My first thought was, ‘What is this? Why would anyone do this in broad daylight? “

“I heard about this in the streets at night or in a dark alley, but why in broad daylight and no one saw anything? “

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King reported the damage to mall security and also called the RCMP. He was told that all CCTV would be turned over to the police.

The administration of CrossIron Mills Mall did not respond to our numerous requests for comment.

However, Global News received a statement from its property management company, Ivanhoé Cambridge.

“Our security team strictly followed protocols for this type of unfortunate incident.

“We passed the information on to the police and they are doing it now. If you have any questions, please contact the police about it.

Global News asked several questions about the security measures put in place by the mall to prevent these types of crimes, but did not receive a response.

Edmonton sees more thefts of catalytic converters

Edmonton sees more catalytic converter thefts – September 27, 2021

“I wish they had patrolled more for sure,” King said. “Maybe they caught them (thieves) in the act. “

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Calgary Police (CPS) said the theft of catalytic converters was a “quick crime”, taking less than a minute to complete.

The CPS added that there had also been a dramatic increase in recent years, with more than 1,000 thefts reported between January and August 2021, up from 300 thefts reported last year.

As to why the increase, police said it can generally be attributed to the rising price of precious metals in catalytic converters, thus increasing demand for them.

Police said only certain types of vehicles were targeted, usually high enough to crawl and the catalytic converter is positioned lower relative to the engine, allowing easy access. They also pointed out that until they can identify where and how they are being sold, they cannot make it more difficult for thieves.

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Vehicle with cut off catalytic converter.

Ctsy: Toni King

How to protect your vehicle

CPS has a few tips on how vehicle owners can make it more difficult:

  • Install CCTV / Home Security Alarm
  • Park in a closed and secure garage if possible
  • Park in a well-lit area outside
  • See a crime – report it

Calgary Police also told Global News that the Scrap Metal Dealers and Recyclers Identification Act will also help identify where these converters go and that they are working with other law enforcement agencies to share information.

It’s too late for King, who has had to return home to Sylvan Lake without a catalytic converter. The RCMP have also since told him that the surveillance footage from CrossIron Mills is not identifiable.

King is now out over $ 1,000 and had this message for thieves:

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” Stop that! I was lucky enough to have another vehicle, but some people cannot drive their vehicle, they cannot go to work, they cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars to replace it.

“Like thank you – but no thank you!” “

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