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ADPH examines recognition of bronchitis due to COVID-19 – .

ADPH examines recognition of bronchitis due to COVID-19 – .

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (WSFA) – The Alabama Department of Public Health is warning those with symptoms often related to bronchitis that they could test positive for the coronavirus.

“We don’t really mean ‘okay, well, I get this every year, so I probably just have bronchitis,’” said Dr. Karen Landers of ADPH. “Again, we want to check with our doctor and see whether or not we need to be tested for COVID. “

Symptoms of both infections include cough, nasal congestion, fever, shortness of breath, and more. That’s why Landers said it’s best to play it safe by getting tested.

“I’d rather be on the side of making sure the patient has been assessed and tested for COVID and determined not to have COVID, and then say, ‘well, oh that’s just your seasonal situation, so we don’t care. not worry, ‘”Landers said. “

If COVID is the cause of your symptoms, Landers said you may be eligible for monoclonal antibody treatment. It is a potential relief that is available for those who are tested.

“Not everyone qualifies for this,” Landers said. “We have this information on our website because some people, again, if they have an underlying lung disease might be eligible for monoclonal or other underlying disease. “

Landers added that bronchitis is an umbrella term that includes several types of infections.

“Bronchitis is really a very broad term that is used as a catch-all if you will for a lot of viral infections that affect the respiratory tract,” she said.

Additionally, Landers said the public should ask themselves if the symptoms they are experiencing occur every year. While it could be seasonal allergies, it could also be the coronavirus.

“I think when we talk about the most likely causes at the moment it’s COVID,” Landers said.

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