Accuse Bolsonaro of murder on Covid record, according to Brazilian Senate draft report

Accuse Bolsonaro of murder on Covid record, according to Brazilian Senate draft report

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is set to face murder charges for his role in the country’s “stratospheric” death toll from coronaviruses, a draft report from a Senate inquiry into the Covid crisis recommended in Brazil.

The 1,078-page document, released by Brazilian media on Tuesday afternoon, is not expected to be voted on by the committee until next week and could still be amended by senators.

But the draft text paints a devastating portrait of the neglect, incompetence and anti-scientific denial that many say defined the Bolsonaro administration’s response to a public health emergency that killed more than 600,000. Brazilians.

Bolsonaro’s “deliberate and conscious” decision to delay the purchase of Covid vaccines unnecessarily condemned thousands of citizens to early graves, according to the report.

“The mathematics of the situation was clear: the more infections, the more deaths. Without the vaccines, the mortality would have been stratospheric, as it turned out to be, ”the document said, before concluding:“ We will never forget ”.

The report is the politically explosive fruit of a six-month congressional investigation into the Covid epidemic in the South American country, which began in February 2020 and is only now under control.

In recent weeks, senior officials and allies of Bolsonaro, including past and current health ministers, have been dragged to televised hearings, amid growing public anger at the behavior of the federal government.

The draft report accuses the Brazilian far-right leader of a total of 11 crimes, including crimes against humanity, incitement to crime and quackery, for his “stubborn” promotion of ineffective remedies such as drugs antimalarial hydroxychloroquine.

But perhaps the most serious allegation is that Bolsonaro’s rejection of offers from vaccine manufacturers in the first year of the outbreak in Brazil amounted to murder.

The report says: “Despite all the vaccines on offer, the federal government chose not to purchase them, a move that went against all scientific studies demonstrating their safety and efficacy, and against the advice of all. epidemiologists who said on a daily basis that only vaccines would save lives.

“The decision not to acquire vaccines between July 2020 and at least January 2021, which lacked any technical or scientific basis, and went against the recommendations of international health authorities, ended up costing the life of thousands of Brazilians who would have undoubtedly used such vaccines, ”he continued.

The report claims that Bolsonaro’s actions were based on his “unsubstantiated belief in the idea of ​​herd immunity through natural infection and the existence of early forms of treatment.”

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