Abused woman who stabbed her husband to death “joked” with cops about being “arrested in Marks & Spencer pajamas” – .

Abused woman who stabbed her husband to death “joked” with cops about being “arrested in Marks & Spencer pajamas” – .

An abused woman who stabbed her husband to death joked with cops about her arrest in Marks & Spencer pajamas, a court has heard.
Penelope Jackson, 66, stabbed her husband David, a retired lieutenant colonel, three times in the kitchen of their bungalow in Berrow, Somerset.


Penelope Jackson is accused of killing her husband at their Somerset homeCredit: Nicholas Razzell

The 66-year-old then joked with the cops during her arrestCredit: SWNS
Mrs. Jackson had been Mr. Jackson’s third wifeCredit: Nicholas Razzell

Jackson was then taken to Bridgwater station in Somerset where she spoke openly about what had happened, the jury was told.

The former Defense Department accountant asked the officers, “Do you usually have murderers where they wear Marks & Spencer pajamas?”

She added, “I did. Why I did it is a different problem. Am i sorry? No. And you can take it. Yeah, I’m not sorry. It’s been a long time to come. “

The accused also assured the police: “I don’t have the knife with me, don’t laugh. “

One of them replied, “I can assure you that we are not laughing.

Jurors saw footage of the 66-year-old woman arrested on Wednesday on the third day of her trial at Bristol Crown Court.

Her 24-year-old husband David Jackson, 78, was bleeding to death wearing only his underpants when police arrived at her home on February 13 this year.

Jackson can be heard telling them “I have my ‘jamas, I have my’ jamas” as she is being patted and handcuffed.

At one point, Jackson was advised to stop talking until she had legal representation.

But she went on to say, “I know what I did and why I did it and if I didn’t do it right I’m really bored.

“There is no problem, I stabbed him, he is an aggressive and mean bully and I have had enough.” “

Sitting on the dock yesterday, Jackson occasionally had his head in his hands as the court saw footage from the night of his arrest.

At one point, she was shown standing outside his front door, telling the police, “Admit everything. He’s on the kitchen floor. Hopefully you’ll be too late.

“I’m totally composed, whatever. He deserved it, so don’t judge me. “

Jackson allegedly used an eight-inch filleting knife to attack her husband.

She also has a tattoo above her right buttock that reads “Property of David Jackson” on the third day of the heard murder trial.

A friend, Veronica Statham, told the jury that she believed the attack was carried out “in a fit of spite”.

She added: “I felt like she did it to be a bit controversial.

“I think she said David was away at the time, something had happened, and she decided to go get a tattoo. I think she said David was unhappy with it. “

Jackson admits the manslaughter of the retired lieutenant colonel, but denies the murder, claiming that her husband was coercive and controlling and also physically abusive towards her.

But a number of friends and relatives have testified that they never saw any sign the couple were unhappy together.

Several described the respondent as the more outgoing of the two.

Julie Smith, an old friend of Jackson’s whom she met when they both worked in accounting and administration at the Department of Defense, said she often had one-on-one calls with her .

She told the court: “David was calm, unpretentious, outgoing, a good man, Penelope was outgoing and outgoing.

“They both had pretty strong opinions, so they were similar in that regard. “

Ms Smith continued, “They seemed to get along pretty well, just little disagreements like any married couple. “

She added that she had never seen aggression between the two men, saying: “They seemed comfortable in each other’s company. “

Ms Smith said the accused and the victim enjoyed the trips, taking several cruises a year and often spending the winter months in Spain.

The trial, which is expected to last three weeks, is continuing.

David Jackson died on February 13 after being stabbed three times
David Jackson died on February 13 after being stabbed three timesCredit: SWNS
Jackson told police in a statement she was abused
Jackson told police in a statement she was abusedCredit: Nicholas Razzell
Police pictured outside the Jackson's home in Somerset
Police pictured outside the Jackson’s home in Somerset


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