48-year-old Colorado father receives death penalty for 13-year-old son – world news – .

48-year-old Colorado father receives death penalty for 13-year-old son – world news – .

A Colorado father has been given a maximum sentence of 48 years in prison after being convicted of second degree murder and child abuse that resulted in the death of his 13-year-old son nearly ten years ago.

Mark Redwine, 60, was sentenced on Friday by La Plata County District Court Chief Justice Jeffrey Wilson, the Durango Herald reported.

Redwine was indicted in 2017 for the disappearance of Dylan Redwine, who was reported missing in November 2012 during a court-ordered Thanksgiving visit to his father’s home outside Durango in southwestern China. Colorado. Dylan Redwine’s remains were found a few miles from his father’s house in 2013 and hikers found his skull in 2015.

A jury convicted Redwine in July after less than a day of deliberation.

The case gained national attention when Redwine and the boy’s mother, Elaine Hall, blamed each other for their son’s disappearance on the union “Dr. Phil” television show in 2013.

Redwine did not speak at the sentencing hearing.

“I find it hard to remember a convicted defendant who showed so little remorse for what he did,” the judge said.

Prosecutors argued at trial that Redwine killed Dylan after Dylan discovered embarrassing photos of Redwine wearing female lingerie and eating diaper feces. They presented evidence that Dylan’s relationship with his father had been in decline for a long time and that Dylan told his family and friends that he dreaded the court-ordered visit.

A forensic anthropologist testified at trial that Dylan sustained a fracture above his left eye and that two marks on his skull were likely caused by a knife or sharp tool at or near the time of his death. Fred Johnson, special assistant prosecutor, said investigators found traces of Dylan’s blood in Redwine’s living room.

Hall testified that she sent Dylan to her father’s house on November 18, 2012, learned he was missing the next day, and suspected her ex-husband was not telling the truth about their son’s disappearance.

Redwine did not testify at the trial. But he told investigators he left Dylan home alone to run errands and Dylan was missing upon his return. Defense attorneys suggested that Dylan had run away and may have been killed by a bear or puma.

Public defender Justin Bogan also suggested that Hall’s appearance on national television turned public opinion against her ex-husband and influenced the direction of the police investigation.

Redwine, a truck driver, was arrested in Bellingham, Wash., Following the grand jury indictment in 2017.


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