4-year-old girl scared, taken as Madeleine McCann and torn from tent – world news – .

4-year-old girl scared, taken as Madeleine McCann and torn from tent – world news – .

Fears are growing that Cleo Smith was probably ripped from her tent the same way Madeleine McCann was.
West Australian detectives said if the four-year-old had left her tent on her own, she likely would have been found by now, having disappeared last Saturday.

And Dr Graham Hill, a former Scotland Yard detective who worked on the Madeleine McCann investigation, agreed that she was probably taken away.

Madeleine, a three-year-old Briton, disappeared from a ground floor apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal in May 2007 while on family vacation.

While it remains a mystery how she disappeared, it is a widely held belief that she was abducted.

He said a young child goes missing if he wanders away or is taken away and the latter is more likely.

Cleo’s mother said she woke up on Saturday morning to find her missing daughter



Four-year-old Cleo Smith disappeared from a campsite in Western Australia



He told The West Australian: “Keeping in mind that she’s just a little girl, she won’t get that far. Little girls and boys get tired very quickly and in the middle of the night they are half asleep anyway.

“The real complication, from what I can see, is the fact that his sleeping bag is missing. I’d say it’s a distant chance that she got up and took her sleeping bag with her. “

The toddler disappeared a week ago from a remote campsite north of Perth, Western Australia.

But despite a massive search for Cleo, she was not found, leading police to believe she had been “taken.”

Dep Police Commissioner Col Blanch said: “Cleo has disappeared from her family’s tent, despite an extensive search by land, sea and air, we have yet to locate her body.

Dr Graham Hill said Cleo was more likely to have been taken as in Madeleine McCann’s case



He declined to speculate on what might have happened to the four-year-old, including whether she could have been buried in the area.

Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde said police “were very concerned for his safety.”

So far, local indigenous bush stalkers have attempted to help locate the little girl and police also say they have interviewed all locally registered sex offenders.

A huge reward of £ 540,000, the equivalent of A $ 1 million, has been offered by West Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan for information.

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