2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV gets 54 miles of electric-only range – .

2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV gets 54 miles of electric-only range – .

The road has been curious for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2023. It is among other things a 2022 model for Japan, since it will go on sale there by the end of this year. It won’t reach North America until the second half of 2022, and in fact, it’s the Fourth Outlander is making its debut this year. The first was the standard model in February, followed by an updated previous-gen hybrid model, and then the next-gen model just a few weeks ago.

Now Mitsubishi is ready to share more information on the Outlander PHEV, but we are still missing several things like horsepower and torque. We know that the Nissan Rogue-based SUV can travel 87 kilometers on pure electricity according to WLTC ratings, thanks to a next-generation PHEV system that uses dual electric motors at the front and rear, powered by a battery of 20 kWh. Although we don’t have specific horsepower figures, Mitsubishi claims that the horsepower of the front and rear engines is increased “by about 40 percent” while still giving the SUV its impressive range.

Using two electric motors, the Outlander PHEV 2023’s integral control system features a new Active Yaw Control (AYC) feature that can direct power to the front and rear axles. The system can also apply brakes to the left or right wheels for torque vectoring. A booster function can send more power to the front engine when needed, and Mitsubishi has also increased throttle deceleration to effectively give the Outlander single-pedal operation. Of course, faster stops always require drivers to step on the brake pedal. Seven different driving modes are available to handle different road surfaces and weather conditions.

Oddly, Mitsubishi makes no mention of the Outlander’s internal combustion engine. Presumably, this is the same 2.4-liter four-cylinder mill that debuted with the Outlander PHEV coming out in February. Generating just 126 horsepower (94 kilowatts), it’s not really fast, but the power combined with the electric motors produced a respectable 221 hp (165 kW). Motor.1.com has requested more information from Mitsubishi regarding the engine and power output of the new version, and we will step in with an update as new details become available.

Otherwise, the new Outlander PHEV wears the same skin as the standard model. Except for different readings on the digital screens, the interior layout is also the same and that’s not a bad thing. We were suitably impressed with the Outlander’s greenhouse on our first ride, and if the hybrid has similar driving characteristics, it could be a very tempting choice for environmentally conscious buyers looking to a three-row SUV.

Of course, that will depend on the price and this is information we won’t have for quite a while. Mitsubishi says full information on US-spec models and pricing will be announced next year, closer to the Outlander PHEV’s on-sale date.


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