12-year-old girl died from days of Covid after minor cough – .

12-year-old girl died from days of Covid after minor cough – .

A 12-year-old girl died of complications from the coronavirus just days after developing a minor cough, an inquest has learned.
Fabiana Zoppelli suffered from floating port syndrome, a rare growth disease, but was considered a “generally healthy” child.

But an investigation has learned that she died less than a week after falling ill with Covid-19 and suffering from a minor cough.

A doctor described his case as the worst he has seen in a child throughout the pandemic, Manchester Evening News reports.

The devastation began on June 1 last year when the youngster, from Oldham, fell with a cough.

Her mother, Itohan Ehiggie, called doctors two days later after developing a rash and starting to vomit.

But, despite being transported to Royal Oldham Hospital, his breathing quickly deteriorated.

She was placed on an oxygen machine and later on a ventilator before being transferred to Manchester Children’s Hospital, where she died on June 7.

No one else in the family – who moved from Italy to the UK in 2015 – had contracted the coronavirus.

Data suggests she was just 61 children who died as a result of a positive Covid diagnosis in the pandemic’s first year.

Testifying, pediatric consultant Prakash Kamath, of the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We have never seen children suffer from complications from Covid like Fabiana did.

“We thought she would take a turn and improve. I have never seen a child transferred to intensive care in the past 18 months.

Teachers at Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Primary School in Oldham previously paid tribute to the child they described as “an extraordinary girl.”

A statement said: “Fabiana has enriched both our school and the whole community with her great enthusiasm and love for life. She was a friend to everyone and did her best in everything she did.

Assistant Coroner Nicholas Flanagan has ruled that Fabiana died of natural causes.


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