YouTubers get and show off Switch’s OLED model ahead of launch – .

YouTubers get and show off Switch’s OLED model ahead of launch – .

A photo showing the standard Nintendo Switch screen with OLED switching in a side-by-side comparison where the OLED screen is noticeably brighter.

The OLED Switch’s screen is certainly more dynamic than that of the standard Switch.
Screenshot: Nintendo Prime / Kotaku

The Nintendo Switch – The OLED model is coming out soon, and Nintendo recently hosted events where the press could try it next Terror Metroid. Youtube channel Nintendo first, a chain of gaming enthusiasts with a preference for Nintendo games, obtained footage of an OLED Switch sent to them by an anonymous viewer. Using the unboxing and gameplay footage, they created a pretty solid video showing the OLED Switch and comparing it to the original model.

Nintendo first says that, as far as they know, the OLED switch that their source filmed was not obtained through questionable means (press X to doubt). But in return for sharing the footage, the source wanted Nintendo’s YouTuber to plug in his friend’s son’s YouTube channel, which is pretty healthy.

If you’ve been following the news of the new Switch, you’ve seen that the OLED model brings various changes, but a lot remains the same. For example, we know that the battery life will be roughly the same as the original Switch, rated at 4.5 to 9 hours. The Nvidia Tegra X1 processor that powers the system’s logic and visuals also remains unchanged.

The first key difference, of course, comes from the screen. The OLED Switch has a significantly larger 7-inch OLED display, compared to the 6.2-inch LCD in the original model. In the Nintendo first video, you can see it working side-by-side with a standard switch, and even under these non-ideal conditions, the OLED screen is noticeably brighter and seemingly whiter than the old console’s LCD.

Another key difference between the two systems is their internal storage capacity. The OLED Switch comes with double the internal storage of the standard Switch, clocked at 64 GB. The dock is also redesigned with a built-in LAN connection port which will be a godsend for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gamers looking for low lag online.

A photo of the back of the new model Nintendo Switch OLED docking station showing the power adapter, HDMI output, and LAN ports.

The rear of the OLED model’s docking station apparently appears rather than being on a hinge like with the standard switch.
Screenshot: Nintendo Prime / Kotaku

The smallest details include that the vents on the OLED Switch appear to be metal rather than plastic. The redesigned docking station has a significantly updated style, and its back can now be completely removed to access its power adapter, HDMI output, and LAN connection, rather than swinging on a hinge.

YouTube’s unboxing footage shows another key update: The OLED Switch has a really worthwhile kickstand, spanning the full width of the console. That’s quite a contrast to the little wimpy stick attached to the original switch, which still looked like it was on the verge of breaking. (If that was the case, your micro SD slot would be forever on display.) I have to wonder why Nintendo didn’t go for this more rugged design to begin with.

Nintendo firstThe video is the second unboxing video to tour online, the first coming from a Japanese YouTuber called HikakinTV, including unpacking presentation has much higher production values ​​(and yes, he’s wearing those white unboxing gloves). Between his video and Nintendo first‘s, it looks like the Switch OLED units are sneaking into the audience, one way or another, so this is probably just the start of a deluge of hands-ons from anyone lucky enough to be. find one.

The official release date for the Nintendo Switch – OLED model is October 8.


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