YouTube removes German channels from RT because of disinformation about Covid

Covid Can Infect Pancreatic Cells That Make Insulin, Research Finds

YouTube has removed German-language channels from Russian state-backed broadcaster RT, claiming they violated its disinformation policy on Covid.

“YouTube has always had clear community guidelines that describe what is allowed on the platform,” a spokesperson said.

The German channel RT initially received a strike for posting content that violated YouTube’s disinformation policy on Covid, resulting in a suspension of publication rights on the platform for a week.

During this suspension, the Russian broadcaster attempted to use another channel to bypass the download ban.

“As a result, both channels were shut down for violating YouTube’s terms of service,” the spokesperson said.

All videos uploaded to YouTube must comply with its guidelines which define the type of content allowed to be on the platform.

The move follows similar bans or suspensions by YouTube from other media outlets on Covid disinformation. In August of this year, Sky News Australia was banned from uploading to YouTube for seven days for videos that denied the existence of Covid and encouraged people to use hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin as treatments.

Other media that have been suspended for Covid content include UK radio oneTalk, which was suspended for a few hours in January this year, and the One America News Network, which was suspended from posting new videos. for a week in November 2020.

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