Women who fought hostess at Carmine’s in New York City claim they used slurs before brawl sparked by vaccine status – .

Carmine’s hostess attacked after asking guests for proof of vaccination – .

Three Texas women who were cited in a vaccination altercation at a New York restaurant last week allege racial slurs were used against them ahead of the fight, their lawyers said Monday.

Thursday night’s ugly showdown at Carmine’s Italian on Manhattan’s Upper West Side involved at least one hostess and guests Kaeita Rankin, 44, her niece Tyonnie Rankin, 21, and a friend, Sally Lewis, 49 , officials said.

It was widely reported that the meeting was triggered by questions about women being required to show proof of vaccination, which is required to dine in New York City restaurants.

The three women showed proof of vaccination and were seated before the trouble started, lawyers for the defendants and a spokesperson for the restaurant agreed.

The conflict arose when three men joined them a little later.

A spokesperson for Carmine said the three men had not provided any proof of vaccination. Lawyers for the women said all three had vaccination cards, but two did not have IDs should also be allowed in.

All six were about to leave before the manager stepped in and allowed them to dine, said Dallas attorney Justin Moore, who represents Kaeita Rankin, and New York criminal defense attorney Javier Solano. , which represents the three women.

The confrontation happened as the party returned home to Carmine, the women’s lawyers said.

“This hostess was showing hostile aggression towards the three women, separate from this vaccine story that was made public,” Moore said Monday. “Racial abuse was repeatedly uttered by the hostess, and one of the women said the hostess called her a monkey. “

A spokesperson for the restaurant disputed that the three men were allowed to enter without all the necessary identification and vaccinations.

The representative also insisted that no racial slurs had been uttered by any of the three hosts working that night – a black woman, an Asian American woman and a Latina.

“Three women invited to the party who had presented proof of vaccination and were welcomed into the restaurant without a problem then launched a brutal and entirely unprovoked attack on our hosts, one of whom continues to suffer from a concussion.” , according to a statement from the restaurant. “None of the attackers gave a reason for their attack. None of the hosts – who are all people of color – uttered racist slurs. ”

The three women have been issued tickets to appear at the office alleging third degree assault and are due to face a judge in New York next month.

Their defense lawyer hopes the case will be closed before then.

“I don’t expect anything to result,” Solano said. “I really hope that cold heads prevail, that the district attorney’s office has the opportunity to investigate this matter before. [the next court date] and that they dismiss the case. “


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