Why several thousand Haitians converged on the US-Mexico border – .

Why several thousand Haitians converged on the US-Mexico border – .

Thousands of Haitian migrants have appeared at the US-Mexico border seeking to cross the Rio Grande and seek refuge in the United States

Conservative lawmakers accuse the Biden administration of failing to avert yet another border crisis and the agonizing images of the massive migrant camp in Del Rio, Texas, support the idea. At the same time, human rights activists condemn images of US border officials, mounted on horseback, trying to scare migrants away almost as if they were herding cattle.

How Haitian migrants, potential refugees fleeing an island nation rocked by political instability and economic depression, converged on both the US-Mexico border in one specific location in Texas is complicated. So is the question of what will happen to them next.


  • More than 10,000 Haitians have converged in recent days near Del Rio, Texas, and sought to flock to the United States, creating a huge migrant camp under an airlift between Coahuila, Mexico, and Del Rio, in waiting to access it.
  • Department of Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has vowed that the United States will clear the camp in the coming days.
  • Traffic between the United States and Mexico was disrupted, disrupting life in these cities.
  • Border officers on horseback were filmed using aggressive tactics, prompting conviction. Mayorkas told CNN he was “horrified” by the footage.
  • The governor of Texas has ordered a border wall of several miles of parked vehicles.
  • The Biden administration uses a Trump-era Covid policy to bring thousands of Haitians back to Port-au-Prince after days of detention in the United States, and left them there, causing chaos at the airport there -low.
  • DHS officials desperately warned Haitians not to go to the border and said they would be turned back.
  • CNN saw Haitians being driven across the border and allowed into the country.
  • DHS has also moved thousands of migrants from Del Rio to other treatment sites.


The numbers are incredible; the number of migrants rose from around 400 to a maximum of 14,000 in days.

More could be on the way according to CNN’s Alvarez, who writes: There are as many as 30,000 Haitians in Colombia who may be looking to travel north, CNN has learned. The department tracks between 40,000 and 60,000 Haitians in the hemisphere, although they are not necessarily looking to come to the United States, according to the congressional assistant. Recently, Mexico also stopped some Haitian buses coming from the north, DHS said, according to the assistant.


Last May, Mayorkas announced an 18-month temporary protection status for Haitians already residing in the United States, which now applies to Haitians in the country as of July 29. Mayorkas had cited “security concerns, social unrest, an increase in human rights violations, crippling poverty and lack of basic resources, which are exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. And that spring announcement was before the President of Haiti was assassinated and an earthquake struck over the summer.

Many of those arriving at the US border had now left Haiti a long time ago and were living or staying in other countries in Central and South America, from Guatemala to Chile.

CNN spoke to 26-year-old Jameson Tilus. He fled Haiti years ago after being assaulted in his home and his aunt was shot.

In Chile since 2015, he wants to join his brother, his uncle and his cousins, who are in the United States. Friends told his family the border was open in Del Rio, so Tilus, his wife, their 5-year-old daughter and their old son started the two-month journey there.

“I am 26 years old and I have no profession,” said Tilus, his voice broken. “I was very bad, I wanted a better life. “

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Here’s what Mayorkas told lawmakers after visiting the border on Monday:

“The plan we have is a multi-part plan.

  • One is to tackle the root causes of irregular migration.
  • The second is to ensure that there are safe, orderly and humane routes so that people do not have to take the dangerous and perilous journey to make a refugee claim in order for our laws passed by Congress to be recognized. .
  • And third, rebuilding our asylum system here in the United States. “


Patrice Lawrence leads the UndocuBlack group, which advocates for undocumented black people in the United States. She writes for CNN that the Biden administration should distinguish itself from the Trump administration and allow a more orderly asylum process rather than returning Haitians to Haiti.

“The Biden administration could have made a strong statement in favor of due process and dignity by allowing an orderly asylum process. Instead, she opted for mass evictions of vulnerable people. “

On the other side of the spectrum is Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott and his wall of police cars.

“When you have an administration that does not enforce the law in this country, when you have an administration that has abandoned any pretense of securing the border and guaranteeing our sovereignty, you see the influx of people like what we have seen. cross that roadblock that’s right behind me, ”Abbott said at a press conference in Val Verde County.


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