Watch All Previews Of Stranger Things, Cowboy Bebop, Sandman And More – .

Watch All Previews Of Stranger Things, Cowboy Bebop, Sandman And More – .

Netflix’s Tudum will be a three-hour “fan event” on September 25.


Netflix’s Tudum was a three-hour online “fan event” Saturday on its YouTube channels and other social accounts. Named after the distinctive early drumbeat of Netflix’s audio logo, Tudum has embarked on promoting over 100 Netflix titles with first look clips, new trailers, and conversations with stars and creators.

The section below has links to all the highlights, which included new clips from Stranger Things season four, Cowboy Bebop, Cobra Kai season four, Bridgerton season two, Ozark’s final season, Emily’s second season in Paris, Red Notice, Don’t Look Up, The sand man, La Casa de Papel (aka Money Heist), Arcane and the growing franchise based on The Witcher.

Other titles in the spotlight include The Crown and Umbrella Academy series and movies like The Harder They Fall and the sequel to Extraction and The Old Guard.

Here’s everything you need to know, including a PDF of the full program and sections with links to the main things that have been posted.

What is Tudum?

Tudum was a three-hour online video showcase of some of Netflix’s original great titles. The company has recruited dozens of its stars to introduce themselves and discuss their shows, helping to post new details, clips, teasers and trailers.

It was the first such online fan marathon for Netflix. He had experimented with other forms of fan events during the pandemic, including his own Geeked Week riff on a virtual Comic Con-style event over the course of five days in June. But this is Netflix’s first big-tent virtual event of its kind.

When was the Neftix Tudum fan event?

Tudum lasted over three hours online Saturday starting at 9 a.m. PT / noon ET.

Earlier today, Netflix hosted a separate online fan event, which it called a pre-show, focusing on Korean, Indian and anime titles, starting at 5:00 a.m. PT / 8:00 a.m.ET.

How to look?

Netflix streamed Tudum for free simultaneously on most of its major channels and social media accounts, including its main YouTube channel, as well as its Twitter, Twitch and Facebook. (Ironically, however, you couldn’t watch the event on Netflix itself.)

Now that it’s done, you can watch (and jump inside) a video on demand of the full show.

Tudum also streamed on many localized Netflix YouTube channels, in a number of different languages. The pre-show focused on Korean, Indian and Anime was shown on relevant localized YouTube channels.

What is the program ?

Netflix provided an hour-by-hour preview of Tudum ahead of the event – that full agenda is integrated at the bottom of this section.

Some of the highlights, with links to what was posted, included:

Tudum hour one

Tudum hour two

Tudum hour three

The full agenda below is a handy cheat sheet for when on the show other shows and movies have their moments in the spotlight.

Agenda Tudum par jonathan_skillings

Why is Netflix organizing this Tudum event?

This type of large-tent virtual event is the first of its kind by Netflix, which dominates the streaming world as the largest subscription service, with 209 million subscribers. But as dominant as it is, Netflix still faces increasing competition from its streaming competitors like Disney Plus, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus and others. Tudum highlights a new marketing experience that intensifies Netflix’s reach among its various fandoms.

Tudum brings up events like ComicCon, Disney’s D23 or DC FanDome, which aim to tap into the fervor of established fans. Tudum appears to be Netflix trying to sculpt its own version.

But Netflix has yet to cultivate the kind of global, passionate fandoms that rival Disney’s Marvel and Star Wars, WarnerMedia’s DC, or ViacomCBS’s Star Trek. Stranger Things, and more recently The Witcher, have come close. But other attempts have failed, such as Jupiter’s Legacy – a superhero drama series that reportedly went dramatically over budget only for Netflix to abandon plans for future seasons just a month after its premiere. (Netflix isn’t giving up, though: other projects in comic book writer Mark Millar’s so-called Millarworld are still moving forward, like the anime and villain-focused Super Crooks live renditions.)

On the one hand, Netflix doesn’t have the same multi-faceted business model of a Disney, which can pump its fandoms with movie theaters, spin-off shows, theme parks and cruise experiences and mountains. merchandise. Netflix recently flirted with selling merchandise in its own store, but the effort is still in its infancy.

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