Wack 100 says he has unreleased Kim K sex tape and offers it to Kanye – .

Wack 100 says he has unreleased Kim K sex tape and offers it to Kanye – .

RJ’s former manager spilled the alleged tea at Contraband Kev on her podcast this week … saying there was a “part 2” to the infamous sex tape that put Kim on the map in the 2000s. It’s unclear if this is just a continuation of the already existing band or a completely new one.

Anyway… Wack says it’s longer and more graphic, and on a laptop somewhere he has access to. The strangest thing is that he wants Kim’s ex-husband to have it.

As to why, Wack seems to think it’s a sign of respect for Ye to let him take possession – because she’s the mother of his children, etc. But, in the same breath, he suggests to Kanye to transform him into NFT 😬. Of course, the only person he forgets to extend his offer to is… Kim herself.

BK asks an important question… what does Ray J think of all this ??? Wack says the guy wouldn’t do it on his own because he’s a father himself now, and stoop that low. He also specifies that the video will not see the light of day (under their watch).

It’s a strange claim – but who knows… it may be true. Kim and Ray had been together for at least a few years, so it’s not impossible that there are more sex tapes.

That said, something Kim and co tells us. aren’t too happy to hear that it might (still?) exist.


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