Valentina Shevchenko Vs Lauren Murphy Full Fight Video Highlights – .

Valentina Shevchenko Vs Lauren Murphy Full Fight Video Highlights – .

Watch the full fight video of Valentina Shevchenko against Lauren Murphy in their clash at UFC 266, courtesy of UFC and other outlets.

Shevchenko vs. Murphy took place on September 25 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Valentina Shevchenko (22-3) and Lauren Murphy (15-5) collided in the main co-event. The fight was broadcast live on ESPN + pay-per-view.

Watch more video highlights below.

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Tour 1

Shevchenko comes out in his left-hander, Murphy as the Orthodox. A sense of our two-woman process to begin with. Shevchenko holds the center but Murphy does not want to approach her. Shevchenko lands a lead hook and Murphy keeps a great distance again.

Shevchenko is much faster and she intervenes with more intention than we have seen before. A kick from the champion is caught by Murphy but Shevchenko sends a pair of lefts to Murphy who drops the leg and withdraws.

Shevchenko presents himself with much more aggressiveness. She seems to have no regard for Murphy’s offense and Murphy looks incredibly suspicious of it. Shevchenko now manages to land kicks and hooks with regularity and Murphy’s right eye begins to swell. Murphy is in desperate need of a teardown or something to gain any respect.

The beautiful lands of Shevchenko and Murphy’s right hook are really starting to question themselves. Barely throwing anything and to make matters worse, Shevchenko grabs a bodylock and throws her to the ground in no time. One-way traffic.

MMA Fighting marque le round 10-9 Shevchenko.

2ème round

Shevchenko isn’t even breathing hard. Of course not, but there really wasn’t a silver lining for Murphy on that first round. She looks a bit brighter to start the second though, more active with her hands at least early.

Shevchenko is looking to force a clinch early, perhaps feeling her withdrawal at the end of the first one was very easy but it is a bit forced and Murphy stuffs him, then turns Shevchenko towards the fence and now she is working on one leg . No joy so far, but by far his best job in the fight. Shevchenko is able to limp, however, and they are back in space.

Every time Murphy tries to intervene, she gets cracked. She is 4 out of 30 on her strike attempts. It’s hard. But now she’s trying to push the action more so she’s countered more. I don’t know what Murphy can really do here. Shevchenko sees each attack a mile and a half away.

Murphy steps in and Shevchenko ducks for a clinch, then gets the takedown, this time with two minutes to work. Shevchenko is in the first half but Murphy does a good job on defense. Shevchenko is mainly forced to control, flattening Murphy but she didn’t offend much. She just tries to free the leg to come out and in half, then crucifix.

With no time for it, Shevchenko decides to stand up and put a few elbows and she really should do it next time. She can get a stop.

MMAFighting scores round 10-9 Shevchenko, 20-18 Shevchenko in aggregate.

Tour 3

Murphy’s Corner tries to be positive about his performance so far, but it feels more like fake confidence. Murphy is outclassed in all aspects. If she wants to have a real race, she’ll have to be careful and hope to roll her snake eyes.

Shevchenko back to work in the third. Control the distance and chew on Murphy whenever the challenger intervenes. Murphy’s face is scarred and the only thing she offers is a wild lead hook a mile away. I don’t know what the hitting stats are right now, but they can’t be good for Murphy.

Shevchenko now begins to increase her volume as Murphy folds into herself. Don’t land anything super clean but score. The body kicks were the most effective, but the counter-hook is also there. And Shevchenko begins to chew on Murphy’s lead leg as well. It is simply a targeted practice. Murphy must do Something or else she’ll just lose a big decision.

With little time, Shevchenko times a clinch and ducks onto his back. She holds him up to the horn.

MMAFighting scores round 10-9 Shevchenko, 30-27 Shevchenko overall.

Tour 4

Murphy’s corner isn’t fair at this point. Or at least they give him advice on how to survive combat, not how to win. If Murphy is just happy to be there, okay. But that’s not what she said was her goal.

The two women seem at least in great shape. Stepping into the championship rounds and no woman breathes heavily.

More of the same to start the fourth. Shevchenko comes more forward now and tries to increase his activity. It feels like if she ever really wants to turn on the afterburners, Murphy is in trouble.

Kicks galore from Shevchenko, to the body and legs. Shevchenko’s front kick barely missed and that could have ended the fight. More power from the champion now.

Murphy gets cracked with a right hook behind the ear !! She was going around in circles and Shevchenko head butted her and Murphy is on rubber legs. She runs away and Shevchenko is after her and shoots her. Shevchenko catches a takedown and throws Murphy to the ground! Murphy tries to hold on but Shevchenko is in the first half and now she is working her elbows. BIG ELBOWS OF THE CHAMPION! Murphy is in danger! And that’s all! Valentina Shevchenko gets the finish!


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