US military admits killing 10 civilians and targeting wrong vehicle in Kabul airstrike – .

US military admits killing 10 civilians and targeting wrong vehicle in Kabul airstrike – .

McKenzie told reporters the strike was a “mistake” and apologized.

“This strike was carried out with the belief that it would prevent an imminent threat to our forces and evacuees at the airport, but it was a mistake and I offer my sincere apologies,” he said.

McKenzie added that he is “fully responsible for this strike and this tragic outcome.”

The Pentagon had maintained that at least one ISIL-K facilitator and three civilians were killed in what Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley previously called a “fair strike” on the compound on August 29. . of those killed in the residential compound were civilians.

Before the strike, drone operators monitored the yard for 4 to 5 minutes. During this time, a driver left the vehicle. A child parked the vehicle and other children were present in the car and in the yard, as the Ahmadi family had told CNN.

The military based the strike on a standard of reasonable certainty to launch the strike on the vehicle. Tragically, it was the wrong vehicle, a US military official close to the investigation told CNN on Friday, adding that a reasonable certainty was not 100% certain.

“We didn’t go on strike because we thought we were wrong – we went on strike because we thought we had a good target,” McKenzie said.

Previously, the United States Central Command had reported “large secondary explosions” as evidence of a “substantial amount of explosive material” in the vehicle. The US military source said on Friday that after examining the images from the infrared sensors, it would no longer characterize this as an explosion – it was more of a push.

The US official said that in the run-up to the strike, the US had at least 60 different intelligence reports on the flow of threats to US forces at Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Milley issued a statement on the strike on Friday calling it a “horrible tragedy”.

“In a dynamic, high threat environment, field commanders had the appropriate authority and had reasonable certainty that the target was valid, but upon further analysis after the strike, our conclusion is that innocent civilians were killed. Milley said in a statement. .

“It is a horrible tragedy of war and its [sic] heartbreaking and we are committed to being fully transparent about this incident, ”he added.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

CNN’s Katie Bo Williams, Oren Liebermann and Michael Conte contributed to this report.


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