University apologizes to medical student who received ‘yellow card’ warning for wearing ‘inappropriate’ gown during exam – .

University apologizes to medical student who received ‘yellow card’ warning for wearing ‘inappropriate’ gown during exam – .

Newcastle University officials issued a public apology after a student was given a “yellow card” for his outfit. Owen Humphreys – PA Images/Getty Images

Newcastle University has apologized to a medical student who was told her dress was too short during an exam.

The England-based university issued a public apology on Thursday after a first Message Twitter of the incident made headlines. A friend of the medical student first called the university in June for perpetuating “sexist notions of primness”.

“A friend did her OSCE with me recently and got a yellow card for wearing a ‘short skirt,’ the friend wrote. Could someone explain to me how it is in 2021 and medical schools are still imposing sexist notions of primness on their cohort of students, for daring to show their ankles. “

Twitter Publish included a photo of the outfit, which showed that the hem of the dress was below the knees. According to a 2013 research article, exam observers are urged to hand out yellow cards to trainees who have exhibited “alarming acts” and aim to identify trainees who have exhibited unprofessional or worrying behavior.

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On Thursday, the medical student provided a update to Twitter in which she revealed she complained to college about her decision.

“I complained in college, their response was” this was the most inappropriate dress they had ever seen “and then said the examiner’s word was final and the investigation was closed. The student wrote, using thegradmedic Twitter account.

“Isn’t discrimination beautiful,” they added. In another tweet, the medical student claimed that the complaint stated that she “was not wearing leg covers, and subsequently that they would not want me to treat their friends or a family member. because of that ”.

Newcastle University responded hours later and tagged the medical student in the statement on its official Twitter page.

“We want to apologize once again to @thegradmedic for any breach or distress caused by this incident.
The comment was made by a role-play patient as part of a review. All comments made by patients during exams are passed on to students as comments, ”the university wrote.

Newcastle University added that the student should not have received a yellow card for her outfit.

“However, we agree that this should not have resulted in a yellow card from the examiner. That’s why, when the concerns were brought to our attention by @thegradmedic earlier this year, they were investigated and the yellow card quashed, ”the statement read. read.

This concluded saying that the University of Newcastle would not want to “opt out of these exams believing that such remarks in no way reflect the values ​​of the University and that the issues will be addressed in future exam briefings”.

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