United Airlines fires 593 people for failing to meet COVID vaccine mandate – .

United Airlines fires 593 people for failing to meet COVID vaccine mandate – .

CHICAGO (WLS) – United Airlines said it had laid off nearly 600 employees for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID, despite the mandate put in place by the company. United announced in early August its mandate to vaccinate all employees based in the United States. It was the first major corporation to announce such a mandate, although many have since followed suit.
RELATED: United Airlines Will Require COVID Vaccinations for All US-Based EmployeesIn a note to staff, United executives said more than 99% of the airline’s U.S. employees have been vaccinated, excluding those who have requested religious or medical accommodation.

They acknowledged that some people had been reluctant to follow the mandate and thanked everyone who got vaccinated for taking steps to protect themselves and their colleagues. Then they announced that those who did not respect the mandate “will start the process of separating our airline in accordance with our policy”.

“The pandemic is now killing over 2,000 people a day, an increase of 65% in the past 30 days alone, and the most effective way to protect our people is to make sure they are vaccinated,” says the memo.

RELATED: Employees sue United Airlines over COVID vaccine warrantThe Chicago-based airline faces two lawsuits during the tenure, including one in Fort Worth, Texas, from an employee who alleged his religious exemption was ignored.

Before the mandate went into effect, six employees also asked a federal judge to block the vaccination requirement, accusing the airline of a “pattern of discrimination against employees who requested religious or medical accommodations.” These employees include two pilots and a flight attendant.

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