UK retail sales drop unexpectedly in August – business live

UK retail sales drop unexpectedly in August – business live

“Buyers and stores were stranded by shortages in August. Keeping the shelves full has been a real battle, especially for department stores, which is one of the reasons we spent less in those stores in August. Supermarkets have fought to maintain supply chains, but the power of these retailers has enabled them to find alternative suppliers so that we can continue to fill our carts.
Our passion for the big shop faded slightly in August, as we rediscovered our passion for a big night out. We spent more in bars and restaurants and bought 1.2% less in grocery stores than in July. However, there are signs that life has not fully returned to normal, and we are still spending more time looting the fridge and parking on the couch, as we are still buying 3.4% more in supermarkets than before the pandemic.
Given that so many of us vacation in the house and in the rain, this year it’s no surprise that we’ve spent money on stores like computer retailers and computer stores. sports equipments. Sales here are up 4.5% from before the pandemic. However, there are signs that shortages were a problem here too, as sales fell 1.2% in the month. ”


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