TV tonight: horror and absurdity in Putin’s Russia

TV tonight: horror and absurdity in Putin’s Russia

The man Putin couldn’t kill

22h, Canal 4

Horror and absurdity collide in this compelling documentary about the poisoning in 2020 by Russian dissident lawyer Alexei Navalny. At various points, the details seem almost comical, and the tone of the doc has something offhand about it (Navalny was watching Rick and Morty when the poison kicked in, and there’s a diversion involving poisoned underwear). But the story is, of course, deadly serious: Russia’s future as a democracy is at stake, and Navalny’s near-death experience is a warning to other dissidents. Phil Harrison

Animals with cameras

20h, BBC Two

The entertaining bit of nature that attaches cute little body cameras to its furry subjects is heading for an Oz special. There’s a glimpse into nighttime koala munching, how kangaroos deal with urban encroachment, and dive pictures of Australia’s largest bat, the gray-headed flying fox. Graeme Vertu

Fitting rooms

20h, Canal 4

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen blows up the wardrobe with her ‘purple art nouveau bomb’ in the bedroom while next door, wig wall vendors Jordan and Russell create an acid house themed living space. No, this is not another of your feverish nightmares, but the latest installment in the home improvement reboot. Hannah Verdier

Jay Blades in Jay’s Yorkshire studio. Photographie : Nicky Johnston/BBC/Ricochet

Jay’s studio in Yorkshire

21h, BBC Two

Scheduled to follow The Repair Shop on BBC One, Jay Blades’ cheerful prime-time domination continues. Tonight he meets Jez and Shane who want to thank a man named Mr Bob, who started a mental health charity in Huddersfield. How will his good works be rewarded? PH

Fred and Rose West: reopening

21h, ITV

A grim continuation of an already insanely dark story as Trevor McDonald follows police investigating new leads in the West case. Were their 12 known victims just the tip of the iceberg? Technology could reveal answers. Places explored include a farmhouse and a cavity under a cafe in Gloucester. PH

Great designs

9 p.m., Canal 4

Within the confines of a country estate in Kinross-shire is a house larger than most people’s houses. This is where Edinburgh-based architect Iain plans to build his new family run, restoration and radical new build combined. Kevin McCloud totally agrees, but what will the neighbors think? Ellen E Jones

Choice of films

“Have you seen the little pigs? »… Gunda.

Gunda (Victor Kossakovsky, 2020), 22h, BBC Four
With a certain Babe charm, Victor Kossakovsky’s black-and-white documentary follows a pig and its newborn piglets low to the ground, patiently revealing the nuances of their behavior. A one-legged chicken and cows disturbed by flies make appearances in a film whose animal rights philosophy is obvious but above all implicit. Simon Wardell

Live sport

Cycling: Tour of Luxembourg 1:30 p.m., Eurosport 1. A 186.1 km course from Steinfort to Esch-sur-Sûre.

Football Championship: Stoke City v Barnsley 7 p.m. Sky Sports Main Event. Coverage of the clash from the bet365 stadium.

Champions League football: Liverpool v AC Milan 7:00 p.m., BT Sport 2. The Anfield Group B game.


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