Trump-era special advocate secures lawyer indictment – .

Trump-era special advocate secures lawyer indictment – .

An attorney for the researcher, speaking on condition that his client was not identified, said his client understood Mr Sussmann was representing him at the meeting with Mr Baker.

The indictment represents the first criminal case developed by the special advocate the Trump administration appointed in May 2019 to scour the Russian investigation for any wrongdoing, John H. Durham.

Mr Trump and the attorney general who appointed Mr Durham, William P. Barr, fueled the expectations of Mr Trump’s supporters that prosecutors would uncover serious offenses committed by senior government officials and back claims that the investigation into Russia was a concocted plot. by the so-called deep state to sabotage Mr. Trump.

To date, Mr. Durham’s investigation has failed to meet those expectations. Previously, the only other case he brought was a misrepresentation charge against a former FBI attorney who pleaded guilty to altering an internal email used to request a repeat wiretap. avoided any prison sentence. In addition, this matter had been investigated by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice, and not by Mr. Durham’s team.

Last September, a senior contributor to Mr. Durham and a trusted contributor to his many years in the United States attorney’s office for Connecticut, Nora R. Dannehy, abruptly left his team. She has not spoken publicly, but The Hartford Courant, which first reported her departure, quoted unidentified colleagues in Mr Durham’s office as saying she had expressed concerns over pressure from Mr Barr to deliver results before the 2020 elections.


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