Tribute to mother and 2-year-old boy who died falling from Petco Park after “jumping” on a table – .

Tribute to mother and 2-year-old boy who died falling from Petco Park after “jumping” on a table – .

A woman and her two-year-old son died from a balcony at Padres Petco Park baseball stadium in San Diego on Saturday.
Tributes poured in on social media for Raquel Wilkins, 40, and his toddler son Denzel Browning-Wilkins who stood in the third floor lobby on the west side of the stadium, next to the sidewalk of Tony Gwynn Way when they fell to the ground.

Wilkins left behind her fiance, the father of the slain child, who was in the stadium at the time of the fall. The couple got engaged the same day, with Wilkins announcing her engagement on Facebook hours before her and her son died.

Investigators are treating the death as “suspicious” with homicide detectives involved “out of caution.” Evidence is gathered and witnesses are interviewed.

A witness claims to have seen the mother having a phone call while jumping on a picnic table bench moments before the fall. “She looked happy, laughing,” a witness, who did not want to be identified, told NBC 7. “The man stood next to the banister, and the woman stood up on the bench of the table with the boy in her arms and jumped up.

“She lost her balance and fell off the bench. I remarked to my son, “Oh my God, she almost fell,” said the witness.

“I was fully briefed by our police department that very day and in the days that followed,” San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria told Fox 5. “It is horribly tragic. There are many unusual circumstances surrounding the case that we are continuing to investigate. It’s suspicious …

“There were several witnesses – unfortunately no cameras – but several witnesses who were there and who were clearly traumatized. “

The mayor went on to suggest that mental health issues could be part of the picture.

We have a mental health crisis that we don’t talk about enough, and Covid has dramatically exacerbated that, ”Mayor Gloria said. “I hope that people who find themselves in this situation – and there is no shame in admitting that you are having a hard time – will take advantage of the many services that are out there. You are not alone in this regard.

He later apologized after the family’s lawyer then criticized his initial statement, saying it was unwise to speculate on the cause of the fall.

Condolences have arrived on social media and from the Padres baseball team who are “deeply saddened by the loss of life,” they said in a statement.

“I’m just sitting in my seat crying. Wtf is even counting right now on the pitch knowing what happened here. If anyone’s at Petco’s and needs a hug, I’m downstairs. It’s more than devastating, ”one fan wrote on Twitter, who presumably witnessed the ordeal.

“What a nightmare for this family. May peace find the surviving family and RIP the mother and daughter, ”one Twitter user wrote.

The Independent has contacted San Diego Police for further comment.


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