Trials begin on Covid booster jab in hopes of protecting against new variants

Trials begin on Covid booster jab in hopes of protecting against new variants


The first trials began with a Covid boost which will hopefully offer good protection against a wide range of variants, researchers have revealed.

The Covid injections currently in use in the UK trigger an immune response against the coronavirus spike protein, which helps the virus enter human cells.

However, different variants of the coronavirus have different mutations in this protein, which means that a vaccine that works well against one variant may not be as effective against another.

The team behind the new booster jab is hoping to get around this problem by triggering an immune response against the peak, not the peak, proteins of the coronavirus.

“This vaccine targets not only the spike protein, but also the core protein. It varies much less than the spike protein and therefore the hope is that it will be more resistant to current and future variants, ”said Professor Andrew Ustianowski, consultant in infectious diseases and tropical medicine at the general hospital. of North Manchester, and chief researcher to study it.

The Phase 1 trial is a collaboration between US pharmaceutical company Gritstone, the University of Manchester and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and is expected to involve 20 participants aged 60 and over, all of whom have previously been vaccinated with the Oxford vaccine. / AstraZeneca. Each participant will receive the booster, with one of two different doses.


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