The Theranos whistleblower said she was alarmed by the company’s blood tests. – .

The Theranos whistleblower said she was alarmed by the company’s blood tests. – .

“The CEO is not responsible for all communications that occur within a company,” said Lance Wade, an attorney representing Ms. Holmes.

John Bostic, U.S. Attorney and Deputy District Attorney, argued that documents showing Theranos ‘internal issues were relevant to the case whether Ms. Holmes’ name was on it or not.

Mr Wade countered that Ms Cheung had been a rookie employee and had hardly interacted with Ms Holmes.

“To our knowledge, the interview you just heard was the longest conversation she has ever had with our client,” he said.

All the while, Ms Holmes sat quietly in a gray blazer and black dress, watching the proceedings behind a medical mask.

Ms Cheung’s 2015 letter to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services outlining problems with Theranos testing sparked a surprise inspection by the agency that led the company to shut down its labs. Tyler Shultz, another young worker at Theranos’ lab, also shared details of the lab issues with the Wall Street Journal, which released revelations about the company. Mr. Shultz is also listed as a potential witness at the trial. (An earlier version of this article misspelled his name like Schultz.)

Since her role in Theranos’ demise, Ms. Cheung has become an advocate for ethics in technology. She gave a TED talk on speaking the truth to power and helped found Ethics in Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit organization that offers ethics training and workshops to start-up founders, workers and investors. up.


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