the driver pulls out a knife during a confrontation at a gas station with another motorist – .

the driver pulls out a knife during a confrontation at a gas station with another motorist – .

A man appeared to shoot a knife at another motorist during a clash at a gas station.
The row reportedly erupted after the driver of a blue Citroën skipped the line at a Shell garage in Welling, south-east London.

Video footage from the incident shows a man shouting out of the driver’s side window while clutching what appears to be a blade in his right hand and a plastic bag in the other.

As the confrontation escalates, the alleged knife is seen latching onto the front of the car as it wobbles forward, throwing it over the hood.

He is then filmed kicking the driver’s door and appearing to damage the exterior mirror as the car attempts to reverse.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that they had been called to the scene Monday afternoon and that investigations were underway.

“Police were called at 2:37 pm to report a disturbance involving two motorists outside a gas garage in Bellegrove Road, Welling,” a police statement said.

“The officers attended and found no trace of either vehicle. No injuries were reported and no suspects were identified.

“We are aware of footage online that appears to show the incident and we will be looking into this as part of our ongoing investigations,” they added.

The man latched onto the hood as the driver tried to flee

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The cost of gasoline and diesel in the UK has hit an eight-year high as panic buying continues despite calls for calm.

There has been chaos at gas stations across the country and spirits have flared in several incidents as motorists lined up for hours in an attempt to get their hands on fuel.

The fuel crisis was not caused by a shortage of gasoline or diesel, but by a lack of truck drivers to deliver it to stations.

Army tanker drivers have now been put on hold, with military drivers to receive specialized training to deliver fuel if needed to ease the growing pressure, while some heavy truck licenses will be extended to help resolve the problem.

The independent spoke to gas station workers who experienced abuse from customers as long lines formed from 5:30 a.m. on some mornings.

An official at a Tesco gas station in south-east London said they were forced to close at 10 a.m. a day after the early morning school rush.


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