Tesla sues man for $ 650,000 in libel lawsuit after winning $ 150,000 from automaker – .

Tesla sues man for $ 650,000 in libel lawsuit after winning $ 150,000 from automaker – .

US electric car maker Tesla has decided to sue a Chinese for $ 650,000, citing libel following his victory against the automaker in a separate lawsuit, where he won $ 155,000.

Han Chao posted images of legal documents indicating that Tesla is suing him for 5.05 million yuan, or about $ 650,000 for libel. Tesla is also demanding a public apology, a strategy it has used in other libel lawsuits in China, where the company has suffered a very public attack on its products since early 2021.

The basis of the lawsuit seems to indicate that following the closure of a previous case that saw Chao earn more than one million yuan or around $ 155.00 from Tesla, Chao continued to defame the automaker on social media. . Chao used terms such as “a charlatan,” calling Tesla a “rogue” and “trash” business after his victory.

“Han broadcast his words through a series of actions online and offline… leading the public to have a negative impression of Tesla, causing damage to the company reputation,”Tesla said in a statement on South China Morning Post noted.

Han posted a response to his personal Weibo account, stating:

“Are you saying that even if you have to pay me over a million yuan in compensation, even though I am the victim, I cannot speak badly of you and I have to pay 5 million as a price?” “

Tesla’s lawsuit comes just ten days after the conclusion of the previous lawsuit, where Chao received a large payment for the purchase of a used Tesla Model S in May 2019. Han said the vehicle had numerous issues. including clicking noises. while driving and the car loses power during operation. Han decided to turn the Model S over to a third party company where evidence of repairs that would be consistent with an accident was discovered. Han claimed it was a sales fraud because Tesla claimed the accident was minor. Tesla said the vehicle did not suffer structural damage and did not commit fraud during the sales process.


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A court then ruled that Han was right. The photos he gave to the court ultimately concluded that if Han had been shown the damage before purchasing the car, it would have affected his decision to purchase the vehicle. Tesla told Han that “the car had no structural damage,” so the court ultimately ruled that the company was wrong and committed fraud and had to pay Han the sum of $ 155,000.

The SCMP wrote:

“The court ruled that the case was consumer fraud, and Tesla should reimburse Han’s payment for the car and compensate him with a fine of three times the purchase amount. “

Han’s subsequent social media posts prompted Tesla to bring a new lawsuit.

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Tesla sues man for $ 650,000 in libel lawsuit after winning $ 150,000 from automaker


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