Social Democrats beat Merkel’s party in close elections in Germany – .

Social Democrats beat Merkel’s party in close elections in Germany – .

The German Social Democratic Party (SPD) won a narrow victory in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, edging out German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in the race to replace her after her resignation after 16 years in power .
It was the worst performance in CDU history. However, the narrow 1.6 percentage point margin separating the two main parties means the two could potentially form a ruling coalition and it could take weeks or months of bargaining before a new government takes shape. .

Exit polls predicted a conflict between the CDU and the SPD, confirmed by official results released after 4 a.m. in Germany showing the SPD gaining 1.6 percentage points, 25.7% vs. 24.6 % of votes, according to New York Times.

Chancellor candidates from both parties expressed confidence by speaking to their supporters shortly after the polls closed that evening.

“People have ticked the box for the SPD because they want there to be a change of government in this country and because they want the next chancellor to be called Olaf Scholz,” said Scholz, the candidate. social democrats, according to the New York Times. .

Amin Laschet, the CDU candidate, said in the evening that the outcome was not clear, but vowed to attempt to form a government even if he was a finalist.

“For this reason, we will do everything in our power to build a conservative-led government because Germany needs a future coalition that will modernize our country,” Laschet told the crowd, according to the New York Times.

The Green Party of Germany achieved its best performance ever, although it is still quite far behind the SPD and CDU. The Greens, along with the business-friendly Free Democrats, who finished fourth, will feature prominently in the coalition that will be formed in the coming weeks.

Merkel will remain in a guardian role until a new government is formed.


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