Shocking footage shows shirtless driver ‘going wild’ – .

Shocking footage shows shirtless driver ‘going wild’ – .

A motorcyclist was hospitalized and several cars were badly damaged when a Land Rover driver left a trail of destruction in a leafy town in Surrey.

Shocking scenes captured in Godalming on Friday night showed a shirtless man driving a blue Land Rover in several other vehicles before causing a sickening collision with the teenage motorcyclist.

The rider, who was driving on the A3100 main road, had no chance to avoid the Land Rover as he was driven off a side road without stopping. The teenager slammed into the driver’s side front wheel and tumbled over the hood onto the road, motionless as the Land Rover reversed and pulled away.

The carnage unfolded outside the town’s Leathern Bottle pub with frenzied locals yelling for the driver to stop and get out of the car during what they called a ‘rampage’.

Shocking footage, taken in Godalming, Surrey on Friday, shows the vehicle, still with ‘L’ plates attached to the rear, driving into the back of a stationary car before turning into the middle of the road

A motorcyclist rides side-by-side on the side of the dark blue Land Rover and is launched onto the sidewalk

In a 90-second clip widely shared on social media, the Land Rover is seen speeding down grass verges with no lights on and colliding with a stationary car. The driver then makes a U-turn in the middle of a crossroads and lines up the Land Rover, leaving the road at high speed.

He crashes into the side of a convertible car as he emerges onto the road, leaving a witness to shout, “He’s done it again!” My fucking engine! ‘

The Land Rover turns around in a parking lot behind the pub and smashes into the convertible as it comes back, pushing it out of the road.

It then exits straight off the side road and collides with the motorbike, before the incident ends as it tilts the now badly damaged 4 × 4 a few more yards and collides with the side of a pickup truck. Vauxhall Vivaro.

The shirtless driver steps out of the Land Rover – which has learner L-plates on it – and tells bystanders that “my steering lock is broken” before grabbing items from the trunk.

Land Rover crashes into the side of a white van before the driver gets out and says

Land Rover crashes into the side of a white van before the driver exits and says “My steering lock is broken”

Pictured: Damage to one of the cars in the incident, which took place in Godalming, Surrey

Pictured: Damage to one of the cars in the incident, which took place in Godalming, Surrey

Onlookers shouted “call the police”, but no emergency service had arrived by the time the video ended and it was not clear if any arrests had been made.

MailOnline has contacted Surrey Police for more information.

A nurse at the Leathern Bottle pub tended to the injured biker – described online as a 17-year-old boy – until paramedics arrived. He was rushed to hospital, but in an update posted on behalf of his family on a local Facebook page, he was released and suffered no serious injuries.

The statement reads: “We would like to thank everyone involved in the care of our son after he was involved in the RTA on Friday.

“We would like to thank the firefighters for their care, Elaine and the staff at The Leathern Bottle. The wonderful nurse (unnamed) who stayed with our son until the paramedic arrived. Godalming Naval Club and all who were there to support.

“Our son is doing well, he was extremely lucky.

“THANKS doesn’t seem like enough, but it seems like that’s all we can say. “


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