Senator Cotton criticizes Biden’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly – .

Senator Cotton criticizes Biden’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly – .

President Biden “walked into the United Nations and slapped a giant ‘Kick Me’ sign on Uncle Sam’s back with his remarks ahead of the General Assembly on Tuesday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) Said at Fox News.

“This speech was a disgrace to the United Nations… And in particular, as far as China is concerned,” Cotton told host Laura Ingraham of Biden’s speech, which did not refer by name to the States’ greatest geopolitical rival. United. “He bent over backwards to reconcile and appease the Chinese Communist Party. “

In his speech, the president reassured his audience that “we are not looking for a new cold war or a world divided into rigid blocks.

“The United States stands ready to work with any nation that engages and seeks to peacefully resolve common challenges, even as we have intense disagreements in other areas,” Biden said, “because we will all suffer. consequences of our failure if we do not come together to address urgent threats like COVID-19 and climate change or enduring threats like nuclear proliferation. “

US President Joe Biden speaks during the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

“He said we are not looking for a new cold war,” Cotton remarked. “Well, China has been waging a cold war against America, our workers and our military for decades. So the question is not whether we are looking for one, the question is whether we will answer it or not.

“Yet Joe Biden wouldn’t even say the word ‘China’,” the senator added. “He is apparently too scared to even mention China’s name in a speech to world leaders. What kind of signal is that sending them? What kind of signal is he sending to the leaders in Beijing? I can tell you what they’re doing right now: they’re making fun of Joe Biden.

Washington and Beijing have clashed in recent years over a variety of issues, including trade, intellectual property, China’s military ambitions in the South China Sea, and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Biden administration’s efforts to open discussions on how to tackle climate change have also been largely rejected.

Hours after Biden announced that the United States would increase financial aid to the poorest countries to $ 11.4 billion by 2024 so those countries can switch to cleaner energy, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that Beijing will no longer fund overseas coal-fired power plants. If honored, the pledge could shut down 47 planned power plants in 20 developing countries – although critics noted the announcement lacked details like effective dates and whether it applied to funding private as well as public funding.

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Sen Cotton said the president “went out of his way to reconcile and appease the Chinese Communist Party.”


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